Your Psychic Powers

seer with crystall ball in her head
You have psychic powers.

Everyone does.

Real psychics are real people. They are not alien creatures or genetic mutations. They are as human as you are, and they have the same basic psychic abilities as you do.

The only things they have that you probably don't, are the practical knowledge and conditioning needed to use their powers successfully.

Practical Psychic Knowledge

Where are the simple, online how-to, step-by-step guides for raising clairvoyant awareness, and using these powers? If you have been disappointed with the amount of useful online psychic information, you aren't alone. You can find plenty of sites willing to take your money for psychic readings, but almost none that will give you the knowledge to activate your own powers.

So, what is this knowledge and where does it come from?

It comes from many traditions, from ancient and modern cultures throughout the world. Each has something worthwhile to contribute, and contrary to what many psychics in these traditions have been taught, you don't get bonus points for being pure and sticking to the one "right" path. Combining traditions and techniques will amplify effects.

But this site is not just a collection of step-by-step instructions for using your psychic powers. That wouldn't be very practical for someone without the basic understanding needed to succeed. You need to first and foremost

  • Develop an awareness and intimate knowledge of yourself- You can then use this knowledge as a springboard to:
  • Gain a better understanding of the world around you- Finally, you will be able to use this understanding to:
  • Effect natural changes to conform with your will

But first you will have to detach yourself from the learned skills which you have practiced and honed from childhood on. These will not help you develop your psychic powers; actually they will prevent it. Your psyche needs to be gently conditioned to be receptive to all the data that it has ignored until now.

Psychic Powers Conditioning

The first thing you must understand and accept is that these senses are not supernatural or unnatural. They work with nature. Your ability to develop psychic powers goes hand-in-hand with a hyper-awareness of the natural world and your role in it.

There is also a (stereotypical) belief that real psychics are weird, emotional, unstable personalities. People who appear this way are actually psychic basket cases, who have never mastered their powers. They usually have a sudden, unexpected telepathic breakthrough, and then have no clue what to do with it.

So they talk about it...a lot

Unfortunately, their minds cannot properly process what they experienced, and so exaggeration, delusion and self-deception creep in. They become unbalanced and unhappy "natural" psychics. But that does not happen when your powers are controlled with steady and deliberate growth, using a logical, down-to-earth unspiritual teaching method.

Intuition begins with your thoughts, with your insights into yourself and the world around you. But unlike any other type of learning, it cannot be reverse engineered. If you start out with a goal or an expectation of where you want to be in the end- you will not progress. Forget about what you hope to achieve and concentrate on learning about where you are now.

Welcome to your psychic powers bootcamp!

Chat Free Psychic

Who can resist chatting for free with a psychic? It probably isn't free for anything but a basic reading, but even that can give you some insight, especially if you use a little strategy.

Don't only go to only one psychic; try multiple sites. Do not try to write down everything they say, just let it flow over you. Afterwards, write down the two or three things that you remember. Do this several times with different psychics, and then compare.  What stands out? What do they have in common? Let this be your guide to future action, and if you want to pursue a paid psychic service, you'll have a better idea who to choose from.

Here is a link to a reputable site to get you started:  Oranum

More free chat psychic sites are easy to find.

A Personal Psychic

If you are thinking of forming a more personal connection with an individual psychic, check out our best psychic list.  These are the top five in each state, ranked by the strength of their psychic powers ability to boost your own powers.