How to Develop Psychic Powers

...without any major lifestyle changes

Learn how to develop psychic powers without buying books, e-courses, weird talismans, or even making a major time commitment. And, unless you feel like it, there is no need to take voluminous notes on everything you are feeling or doing. This is an ongoing process, and anything you experienced a month ago shouldn't be something you are focusing on now (or in the future).

'Developing psychic powers' is not entirely an accurate phrase. Its more like rediscovering them. What you need to do is remember how to be a psychic.

You had these powers once, even if you do not remember them. Most people start to lose them as their physical abilities grow. As your physical contact with other people becomes more frequent, you do not need to reach out to others psychically. And these days, technology replaces psychic communication with those at great distances away.

But there is room for both in modern life; there is no need for one to replace the other. Your psychic life and your modern one can coexist.

Learning how to develop psychic powers-
receiving information

We spend most of our formative years learning how to block information that is not received in a socially acceptable way. Young children are not encouraged to just sit around and (seemingly) do nothing. So, they stop using the power of visualization. Every minute of their day has approved playing, learning, socializing or athletic requirements built into it. Parents are told to 'stimulate' their babies and toddlers with these activities, as if the world around them was not stimulating enough!

So, the first step towards developing psychic powers is relearning how to passively receive information- without engaging with it or causing it to happen.

In order to do this, you have to learn how to quiet your mind and block out distractions of any kind. Most people would think that the latter was easier. After all, you can turn off your gadgets, wait until others are sleeping (or occupied), lock a door and you are all set. But quieting your mind is impossible- can't be done!

In fact, the opposite is true. You have no real control over others, and circumstances around you tend to go haywire whenever you need cooperation the most (usually because your mind is least quiet then).

Psychic Marionette

Your mind is actually the thing you have the most control over. Your ability to control when and what you think is virtually unlimited.

When you prove to yourself that you can successfully quiet your mind, you will know that you can also block unwelcome (or unhelpful thoughts). After all, you've been blocking the helpful ones, quite successfully for years. The absolute certainty of your knowledge that you can control your own thoughts is the key to your psychic success.

Meditation is of course, the way you quiet your mind. 15 minutes per day is all you need. Psychic meditation is about relaxing your mind so that it can receive the information you really need.

What does a readiness to receive psychic information feel like?

You become less consciously aware of your physical body. Its not quite a floating sensation, but close. More like you are drifting, free and unattached. Everything in the physical world feels further away from you than it normally is.

This is not something that happens because you are concentrating on it. Rather, you find yourself there suddenly, without any awareness of how you got there.

Do not worry if your focus is broken then by a feeling of elation. You will not lose the readiness if you just accept that you have arrived at the point you wanted, and wait for what comes next. Whatever does come next for you will result in a readjusting of your previous understanding of everything you thought was settled fact.

If you cannot sustain this feeling for very long, don't worry. After the novelty wears off, habit will take over. Although you should still meditate every day, at some point you will be able to summon this ready-to-receive feeling at will.

Learning how to develop psychic powers-
seeking information

When you can summon your ready-to-receive-information feeling whenever you want, it is time to start seeking out this information. Your new understanding of your world should be rooted in the knowledge that it is your world; your judgments, choices and decisions are what counts- everyone else's opinions are secondary.

Look at everything with new eyes. Erase any objective knowledge you have about any person, place or thing. When you focus on anything, simply notice how it makes you feel. While feelings may be complex- do not try to analyze them with any detail. Just divide everything into "feels good" and "feels bad".

Do this until it becomes the first thing you automatically do (even when you are not trying to receive). Learn to ignore what "feels bad" and put your focus on the things that feel good. Start verbalizing how these things make you feel. Words are inadequate, but put some effort into describing good things precisely (without dealing with any objective facts; you are only talking about your personal reactions). Note anything you say that strikes you as a little...surprising. Something that you didn't realize you felt when you started.

This is psychic information. Not overly dramatic (when its allowed to be a normal part of your life, and not overwhelming either. Just an added sense that can make your life as much better as you want it to be.

You may receive specific information as images (see clairvoyant definition) as sounds or as feelings (physical or emotional).

Tools and techniques, such as learning how to start automatic writing can augment your psychic powers.

You can focus on specific types of information as well. For instance, you can learn how to see your future, learn about people who see the future, or find out how you can some day confidently say, "I can see the future." There are well-known psychic training methods that show you how to see the future.

Or, discover what others are thinking by looking at, "Why can I read minds?"

What does seeking psychic information feel like?

When you are probing something with your feelings, trying to discover something that is not apparent to your physical senses, nor based on any already-known information, it feels a little like static electricity or the hairs on your arms standing up.

When something occurs to you suddenly, not preceeded by a logical chain of thought, you feel a small victorious surge. It's like a fist-pumping, "Yes!" Its the realization that the information is correct- you are absolutely certain of that. That's the most important thing about information you receive psychically. Unlike knowledge gained in any other way, you know that its right, without any doubt.

As you pursue this knowledge, either with further psychic examination, mental exploration or physical action, you may have a feeling of warmth, almost like encouragement. (If you get off track, you may have a feeling of emptiness or chilliness.)

These are not major, dramatic changes. Most people would never notice them. But you are being trained unconsciously to notice small sensations and subtle perceptions. These are the signals that make up the psychic dimension in the universe.

Learning how to develop psychic powers-
sending information

We are always transmitting psychic information, but it is mostly unintentional (and it is generally misinterpreted as well). Sending and receiving information vibrationally is so automatic, that it is suspected even plants do it.  (see, Can plants read your mind?)

In order to send information, you have to be attuned to the person you want to receive it. You have to be aware of the person in such a way, that you almost are that person. (See, if you could read my mind, to explore the possibilities this opens up.)

How to do this depends on a few things:

  • when the person is within sight- Get into your readiness mode, then note the positioning of the person's physical body. If you can do it without being observed, place your own body in the exact same position (arms and legs, facing in the same direction, etc.) After a few minutes, reach out with your psychic senses, if you haven't already made the connection.
  • when the person was recently there but left- Try to feel where the person had been, go there and visualize what they were seeing when they were there. Or, if they left anything behind, touch it and see if you receive any impressions. Either of these is usually enough to make a connection. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks, its not really guesswork, you know...
  • when the person is some distance away- Get into your readiness mode, say the person's name, but do not visualize them. Repeat their name until you can feel the essence of their being. Do not try to recall memories or details about their personality. These are superficial things and will not help. (Quite the reverse!)

What does sending psychic information feel like?

After you know that you've made the connection (an inner knowing or a quiet thought that says, "Now!") you focus on what you want to communicate. Psychics do this according to what they feel is the most natural way of expressing anything. Some form the message as a written image in their mind, others form words as if they were speaking, some write their messages and some just use emotion.

Psychic building blocks

However you do it, a feeling of relief, excitement and joy will fill you when it has been received successfully. Just knowing it has worked will act as another building block in your psychic development. Each time you convey information, it will be easier.

Even though the information has been successfully transmitted, the person receiving it may not be able to confirm this. Why? Because you were communicating with their deepest, inner self, not with their outward persona. If they are not aware of their inner self, they will not be aware of your message. (If they are, then they will confirm that they are aware that something has changed and that it has to do with you.)

And, even if they are not aware of your communication, their actions will confirm that it was effective. Their behavior or manner towards you will show you that a bond was created.

Psychic communication is a fairly common occurrence that no one usually analyzes. It is just accepted. For instance, have you ever wanted someone in a crowded room to see you, and then, without you moving or making a sound, they looked straight at you? It can be as mundane as that.

How to develop psychic powers while keeping your life normal.

The most important thing is NOT to fight your new psychic beliefs. Once you have accepted that your psychic powers are developing (and this will happen when you can no longer write your experiences off as mere coincidence) you will relax about having them. This makes everything easier. You become more matter-of-fact; you expect them to work, and you accept that they are just an additional useful sense (or gift).

Integrate these powers into your normal, daily life. Do not try to keep your two worlds separate. That is how things backfire. If you do that, you are splitting your energy, and your efforts in both spheres will be useless.

You will continue to grow your psychic development each time you use your powers AND acknowledge the fact that they are working for you. Celelebrate your accomplishments and be gratified by them.

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