Psychic Meditation for Beginners

Psychic meditation techniques are aimed at sharpening your clairvoyant skills.

The nice thing about psychic meditation is that it does not attempt to fit a square peg in a round hole.  We accept the fact that our attention span is limited, that our minds like to flit incessantly from one thing to another, and that quite often the things that pop into our minds seem to be completely unrelated to anything uplifting.

You are not required to attain some sort of perfect state where your mind is either completely blank, or laser-focused on only one thing. The only goal you should have is to recognize when any distracting thoughts occur, and to gently guide your mind away from them. No recriminations or guilt can get you to a better state of mind.

  The only thing you really need to try to do for any of the meditations and exercises on this site is to see if you can hang on to the impressions (feelings or thoughts) that pop into your mind, for just a beat or two longer than would normally happen.  Just long enough to note them and recognize them for what they are.

That's all.

Psychic Meditation: Attitude

While there are no absolute rules, psychic meditation seems to work best if it is approached in a certain way:

  • Eagerness and excitement are ok, impatience is not.  That is the surest way to stunt your growth.  
  • Self-interest is ok when it is only part of your motivation.  If you can enjoy the idea of psychic growth for more than just personal gain, you will make better progress.
  • Exaggeration or even outright making things up tends to happen to people when they have some success with psychic meditation, but they can't quite find the words to convey what they are experiencing.  It is better to avoid discussing it.
  • An attitude of quietness and calmness is the best way to approach any exercise.  If your thoughts and feelings are in turmoil about what you are doing, they will drown out any effects.  But do not be matter-of-fact; you want to be sure and deliberate in your preparations.

You should also learn how to sit for meditation.

These preparations can be the key to success in meditation for beginners.

Psychic Meditation: Concentration

This is not the sort of concentration where you'll be determinedly staring at something in order to get the very most possible use out of the exercise.  Don't even try; perfect concentration for long periods would be counter-productive.  Psychically sensitive meditation is a more indirect process.

Right now, all you need to do is to realize that you (and everyone else) have a tendency to refocus your attention, really quickly, really often.  Just knowing this will make you aware enough to slow the process down a bit.  A lot of learning can be accomplished just with an extra few seconds of focus.

So (in between exercises) during the normal course of your day, if you look at something, just let your gaze linger on it a few seconds longer than you normally would.  The first few times, you will have to deliberately remind yourself to do this, but soon it will become reflexive.

This will allow enough time for you to receive the flow of psychic energy which is normally disconnected too soon.  As you advance, you can learn a technique called clairvoyance meditation which will actually still your mind so that you can receive this energy more efficiently.

Candle Meditation Exercise

This exercise will give you a taste of what it feels like to unlock your psychic abilities.  It will only produce results for the first few times you do it, so try to get as much as you can out of it before moving on to other exercises.

psychic meditation lit candle

1.  You will need about 30 minutes, a dark, quiet room, and a plain white (straight) candle.  You will also need something to snuff out the candle- do not plan on blowing it out.

2.  Sit in total darkness for a few minutes, slowing down and listening to your breathing.  Put the candle in front of you, about reading distance from you, with the top of the candle level with your eyes.  Keep your lighter/matches and the snuffer in reach in front of you.

3.  Light the candle with a smooth, quick motion.

4.  Settle yourself comfortably, and watch the flame of the candle only, as it flickers.  Look at it steadily for a couple of minutes.  (You don't have to be exact with the time; just guess.)

5.  Now, snuff out the candle with the same quick, fluid motion.

6.  Close your eyes and watch the image that remains on the retina of your eyes.  This you will focus on, ignoring anything else and keeping your eyes shut.  Keep looking until the image fades away.

7.  After the image has faded, remain sitting with your eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then relight the candle, and get up and turn the lights on.  Let the candle burn for awhile; when you feel it is time to leave the room, blow it out and return to your normal routine.

No spoilers here, just enjoy whatever you experience (and remember the feeling).

Next, try something a little more advanced: Meditation Exercises: Growth and Decay

After that, start exploring your psychic vision with meditation exercises on life forces.

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