Learn Tarot to Develop Psychic Powers

Learn tarot to boost your psychic powers using creative visualization techniques that focus energy.

One key to developing your psychic abilities is to learn tarot.  Not for any "rules" to memorize, but for an understanding of how it affects your perceptions and your imagination

Imagination is the power we use to picture things in our heads that are not visible around us.  It is a very real force, one that can be used to effect practical changes in the "real world".  Think of how many inventions and entrepreneurial ideas began with one clear picture in someone's mind of something that did not yet exist.

So how do you strengthen this force?

Tarot Cards: Pictures and Images

Pictures and images are the key to awakening your imagination.  And the visual symbols and shapes of the tarot are the best way to stimulate the growth of this function.

ten of cups rainbow

The language of imagination is pictures, and the more vivid, the better (like the image above, a detail from the tarot's ten of cups).  You need to go back to a time before you could read, before words stood between your imagination and your thoughts.  You need to 'think in pictures' the way psychic kids do.  (We've all heard that kids are more naturally psychic than adults, and this is why.)

Why not simply go to a museum and stare at paintings, or look at the graphics on pinterest?  Why tarot?

Because the symbolism is right.  The pictures on the cards are not random, they are meant to convey certain messages.  (For instance, there are specific spiritual guidance tarot cards.) These messages are a pathway to natural psychic awareness.  But the messages conveyed by other media are mostly designed to motivate you in other ways (with the result that we are all completely desensitized to modern graphics). 

Learning tarot will be like learning from picture books when you were a child.  Ignore the words, and let the pictures excite you.

Five Steps to Learning Tarot

1.  Buy the Rider Waite tarot deck.  All instructions, exercises and techniques on this site apply specifically to this deck. (And nothing you will find here repeats the instructions that come with the deck.)  See more about Rider Waite

2.  Learn the meaning of each tarot card.  This does not involve reading interpretations about each card!  You will be making your own definitions using techniques described on this page combined with a list of tarot card meanings

3.  Master techniques for reading cards.  No, you won't be staring at the cards for hours, straining to concentrate.  And you don't have to hold them up to your forehead, hoping to learn by osmosis.  (No magic words either.)  But there is some specialized info that will help you.

4.  Do the individual tarot card exercises.  These exercises are where you begin to use the tarot to train your psychic abilities.  There are three of these:

5.  Learn how to do a free tarot reading for yourself.  It will be more precise and accurate than anything you could buy from an "authentic" professional tarot reader.  Although teaching fortune-telling isn't the main purpose of this site, it's a nice side benefit for you.  It is absolutely necessary before working with your psychic powers, to find out if anything you would do might cause harm- and tarot cards are an efficient way to perform this check. I recommend the one card tarot reading.

6.  Find the "marker" tarot cards, such as:

10 of cups

If you already have a tarot deck, don't be tempted to use that instead of getting a new one.  It will be bound to disappoint you.  Keep the old one for playing tarot card games; the new one is for serious stuff.    

If you are interested in the theory of why you should learn tarot to help you with your psychic abilities, and the actual mechanisms they use to give you information, see, how do tarot cards work?

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