Psychic Help: Ask and Receive

Psychic help is always available for those that need it.

Psychic help is not hard to find. There are many different traditions, methods, exercises and pathways that you can explore, and they all will lead to the help you need.

The catch?

You have to be receptive for them to work for you. If your psychic energy is not a match for what you seek, no amount of prayer, magic or ritual will be successful.

Getting your psyche into a receptive state

How do you do this?

Well, it's all about knowing...that anything and everything is possible. Not "hoping", not "wishing", and not even "believing". You have to know this is true.

This is a state that you can achieve in a split second, or it could take you months of repetition to get there. But it is doable...for anyone.

Think about the things you know to be true, the sun rising and setting, air to breathe, gravity, etc.. You have to know that psychic support is just as real as any of those things, and just as easily obtained.

The ability to receive psychic help is part of natural law, like the ability to receive warmth from the sun or air to breathe. The only difference is that you have not been conditioned to accept it unthinkingly. 

How can you learn to accept psychic help?

If you are not already conditioned to receive psychic assistance, how can you learn to accept it and respond when it is offered?

1.  Meditation to clear your mind of unhelpful preconceptions.

2.  Visualization to focus on the benefits of receiving psychic help.

3.  Acceleration of your psychic energy so that you match the offered help.

Techniques and tools to master these are available on every section of this site.

What types of psychic help are available?

This site operates under the principle that everyone is psychic, whether they know it or not. (We are born psychic, but as we grow older we tend to forget this if these senses are not used.) Therefore, you don't need to go to anyone else to get help, you can help yourself. Your psychic support is right there for the taking; you just have to reach out and grab it.

Using the exercises on this site, you will learn to feel your way to the sweet spot where you can sense the unfolding of your perfect path. Or, you can seek psychic assistance from someone who is already up to speed with their psychic energy, and continually uses their psyche to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

What tools do people use for psychic help?

The tools that are used are less important than what you do with them. Things  like tarot cards, mirrors, and runes are simply devices to focus on whatever is already present, and to understand how the present might affect the future. (No real psychic focuses on the past...its too irrelevant, just not worth the effort.)

Any physical aid that a psychic uses works by using symbols. Symbols are transmitted, and then read using psychic energy. Keeping one's energy at high enough levels so that the symbols are seen, recognized and accurately translated is what a psychic does.

When looking for a tool to help you focus your psychic powers, it's best to stay within tradition. Why? Because these tools at least have the symbols correct. Many "modern" aids are designed without the proper knowledge of these symbols, and so are useless.

For instance, take tarot cards. If a deck is designed so that the pictures are supposed to represent the meanings (rather than the symbols contained in the pictures) than what you have is a bunch of pretty pictures, and that's all. That is why I recommend the Rider Waite tarot deck. It's old-style, but it works.

Can a psychic help others with their powers?

Yes, they can.

If you seek out a psychic, it is because you realize that this person has more psychic energy and control than you do (at this point). Simply being in contact with someone who is at a higher level, will raise yours.

Many-level waterfall

It is something like a tiered waterfall.

There are several levels to explore on your way to the top.

If you are at one of the lower levels, that doesn't stop the water at the higher levels from touching you.

But you have to be in the area for it to happen.

Being in touch with a psychic allows their energy to stimulate yours.

For some, frequent contact with someone who regularly uses their psychic powers will make them receptive enough to start using their own powers.

A gifted psychic can boost your confidence in yourself (which is definitely a requirement for developing your own psychic abilities. This type of aid is the most valuable, because you are really the best judge of what works for you. A psychic can give you the reassurance to trust your feelings.

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