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Aura Color Meaning to You

Figure out what aura colors mean to you by developing the skills to read and understand them.

How do you find out about an aura color meaning? 

Looking at a chart like the one below and memorizing it won't develop your psychic powers.  The meaning of any kind of psychic symbol is very personal, and can only be discovered through experience.

And it doesn't stay the same either.  You cannot pigeonhole the meanings of the colors.  Your understanding of them will be refined as you see more and more auras.

So, take a look at the chart to get an idea of how small differences in color combinations and shades can make a huge difference in the aura meaning.  As far as self-confidence goes...when you can look at this chart and say to yourself, "No, that's not right; it really means __," you'll realize that you already know everything you need about the meaning of aura colors.

Aura Color Meanings Chart

Color Shade Meaning
Black Jet black
Smoky black
Hatred, Malice
Deceit, Distrust
Red + Black Anger, Rage
Red Dark
Passion, Sensuality
Possessive Love
Affectionate Love
Orange Pride, Ambition
Apricot Creativity, Individuality
Yellow Dull
Pale gold
Selfish Intellectuality
Psychic Intellectuality
Highest Spirituality, Teacher
Green Emerald green
Blue green
gray green
Healing, Nurturing
Sympathy, Empathy
Deception, Intimidation
Green + Pink Kindness, Patience
Blue Dark
Religious feeling
Morality, Idealism
Blue Dark
Religious feeling
Morality, Idealism
Purple Violet
Healthy, Athletic
Artistic, Daydreaming
Brown Reddish brown
Grayish brown
Greedy, Craving
Stinginess, Hoarding
Brown + Green + Red Jealousy, Spite
Gray Dark
Depression, Sadness
Fear, Anxiety
Silver Awakening, Receptive
White shimmering
Solid bright
Purity, Truthfulness
Birth, Death

Recording your psychic impressions is necessary to reinforce them, and to make room for more.  Psychics have a tendency to hang on to their last impression, whatever it is, and this can be really detrimental to the growth of their powers.  Record everything, it will be there if you want to refer to it, but more importantly it lets you move on.  If you keep it bottled up, you will stagnate.  Write it down, let it go.

You can download a blank version of this chart, to record your own impressions of human auras.  It is a PDF that is fillable, editable, and savable:

Aura Color Meanings Chart

You must download (right-click) and save it to your computer, in order to write in it.

The aura color meaning you assign should be your immediate impression.  Don't think about it or obsess over it.  Even if it seems to contradict what you know about the person, assume it is right.  Whatever jumps into your mind when you see the color is right...At least for now.  At some point you may see that color aura again on another person and have a different idea about its meaning.

Then you will have to think about it and reconcile the two.  But you will be able to; things are not really that contradictory when you explore them.

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