How to See Your Aura

Understanding how to see your aura is an important step in training your psychic powers. It does NOT involve any gadgets, glasses or goggles. These are, of course, fake.

You also do not have to squint, blur your vision or peek out of the corners of your eyes, as some helpful articles advise.

Seeing your aura does NOT even involve mirrors. Mirrors do not reflect psychic visions at all. As a matter of fact, they are extremely deceptive, and great devices for getting people to doubt their own psychic abilities. How many times have you glanced in a mirror and been faintly surprised at what you saw?

The first step in your training is to grasp the fact that, although we speak of 'seeing your aura', auras are NOT seen with your eyes. They are not a physical phenomena. Auras are 'seen' with your psychic or 'third' eye. You actually feel an aura, rather than see it. Your mind translates this can't-be-measured 'feeling' into something that fits better with your physical beingness-- colors and textures for your senses. This is an aura definition that you will not find in many places, but you should be able to feel the correctness of it.

How to see your aura...feeling colors

Before you can teach yourself how to see an aura, you need to learn what the colors feel like.  Get (or print) some solid-colored cards. Make sure they are made of something that is not see-through. Suggested colors are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Any other colors you wish

Larger cards are better, because you are going to hold each one up so that you cannot see anything but the color on the card. 

  1. So, the first step is to get comfortable, relax, and meditate to clear your mind.
  2. When you are ready, hold the first card in front of your face.
  3. Open yourself to the feelings (no thoughts, please) evoked by this unbroken landscape of color.
  4. Notice any floating sensations (that may come and go). What do you feel emotionally during these floating sensations?

Repeat this for the other colors. Shift back and forth between colors so that you can notice the differences in how you respond to each distinct shade.

How to see your aura...psychic sight

Next, you need to train your psychic sight to see auras. Do the following:

  1. Find an old-fashioned horseshoe-shaped magnet.
  2. Bring it to a darkened room.
  3. Hang it from some thread or place it on a support of some kind, so that the poles are facing up.
  4. Play with the viewing angles (while observing it closely) until you see a faint luminosity at the poles and along the edges of the magnet.

Repeat this exercise with the room lightened a little more each time, until you can see this magnetic aura in broad daylight.

How to see your aura...where?

Most of the early (1970's) books and articles about auras focused on seeing them around the head area, kind of like a halo. Later on, ideas about auras morphed into something like a full-body surround effect.

But an aura is simply how your mind translates seeing vibrations of energy. These vibrations are not constant throughout the body. They tend to coalesce in preparation for (and during) activity which tends to be focused in different parts of the body. If you are sitting, motionless (with no conscious or unconscious intention of moving) and you are lost in thought, your head is probably the best place to see an aura.

Focused energy however, usually manifests through our extremities. Just think of the movies you've seen- science fiction, adventure or fantasy genres. You usually don't see lightening bolts shooting out from the hero/villain's head, or his entire body. His arms or hands are where you see the energy materialize.

So, learning how to see your aura will happen by focusing on your hand.

See aura on hand

You can expect to see your aura on the outer edges of your hand, but its energy force actually masses in the center of the palm and radiates outward.

How to see your aura...the steps

  1. Lean your elbow on a surface so that your hand will fill your vision when it is held up, palm facing you, fingers spread apart. You want to be able to see your entire hand clearly, but not much else beyond it. So hold it about 6-8 inches away from your face.

  2. Do not stare directly at your hand at first. Glance at it, and then turn away. Do this several times until you see the image of your hand lingering in your mind when you are not looking at it.

  3. Then, turn back to your hand. This time, focus on the center of your palm. Stare at your palm until it fills your field of vision.

  4. Look away again. At this point, the image of your hand that lingers in your mind should have an aura hovering around the edge of it. When you next look back at your hand, the aura will be there.

The reason for these steps is so that you can get the feel of a new way of seeing- perceiving the essence of something rather than simply letting your eyes rest on it. When you really, really want something, there's an element of anxiety involved- a sneaking fear that you may not be able to achieve it.

Even if there's not much of that anxiety...any amount can prevent your natural psychic abilities from working. This method defuses some of your performance anxiety, so you can see your aura more easily. 

What you are doing is (almost) ignoring what you are looking at, until you get the perception of it. (It kind of feels like it is nudging into your consciousness, waiting for you to acknowledge it.) When you get to step 3 and you allow yourself to fully focus on your hand, try to go deeper than its physical surface and see right to its core.

As you stare at your hand, the aura surrounding it will intensify- mostly as a result of your attention and focus, but also because your hands are the part of your physical body that interacts most with the outside world. Your consciousness focuses and directs this interaction. So at this moment, your hand is receiving inner and outer-directed focus, and is transmitting the same information, as well.

This may sound complicated, but it is absolutely natural. Once you learn how to see your aura, it will become an almost automatic reflex to check it several times a day. And its only a small step from checking your aura to trying to influence it, to actually change it to benefit yourself.

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