A White Aura: Shades of Meaning

A white aura has details that clarify its meaning for those that pay attention.

If someone asks what the meaning of a white aura is, they will get many different confusing answers, and will be no closer to understanding what it really represents than they were before.  This is because of how many different variations of white there can be. 

In a way, it's like thoroughbred horses.  There's no such thing as a white horse, no matter how white it looks.  The designated color of these horses is "gray"

Reading most accounts of white auras, it seems as though "white" can be any hue, texture, or density, without any indication that these things might make a difference to the meaning.

But it does.

Shades of White

Some auras may appear white but are really subtle variations of other colors.

Yellowish-white- The meaning for this color is psychically advanced or spiritually wise.

Silvery-white- The meaning for this aura is rich, spiritually and/or materially wealthy.

Pinkish-white- This color means receptive, open, or listening.

Blueish-white- This color aura shows advanced healing capabilities.

There are also other details within a white aura that can change its meaning entirely.

Gossamer White

This type of aura appears as light, transparent in some places, translucent in others.  It "feels" soft and insubstantial.  The meaning associated with this particular aura is purity.  That is, purity of intentions, rather than character (which would reference mainly past actions).

A person showing this aura is completely safe for you to deal with, whether the relationship is business or personal.  They will not knowingly harm you in any way.  When you see this type of white aura, it does not reflect that person's psychic abilities or spirituality.  If you see it spontaneously (without deliberately trying) take it as a sign of your own need to make sure of the other person's motives, and that your own psychic powers are responding to this need.

Sparkling White

This aura shows as sparkling white strands that seem to be silky in texture.  The sparkles are actually pinpoints of light.  It is brighter than most white auras.  The meaning associated with this type is truthfulness

The person that shows this aura is to be believed.  Their words, actions, and intentions are not just honest, but are accurate and right.  The meaning is not just relative, either.  It is not simply what they believe to be truthful; it is an absolute fact.  This is a gift, both to be able to speak and follow through with complete accuracy, and also for you to be able to recognize this.  This aura is valuable to both the subject and to the observer.

White Outline Aura

Some auras appear to have a white edge, regardless of the inner color. The whiteness is glowing and feels like it is pulsating. There is a clear contrast between the outer and inner aura, almost as though there are two distinct auras. This can confuse the observer about what the actual color is.

The answer is that the real aura color is whatever the inner aura shade is. The white aura ring means protection. The person is protected, shielded or warded against harm. This is not something that comes from an outside force, though. The person is shielding themself (whether they are aware of it or not). This is a person who is using their natural psychic powers.

Bright White Aura Meaning

There is no mistaking this aura for any other color.  It is bright, almost blindingly so in some stages.  It feels heavier than any of the other ones, with a solid, satin-like texture. 

It is most often found in hospitals, because it is associated with dying people, and with newborn babies.  On a person who is dying, the aura gets brighter and brighter as death comes nearer.  On a newborn, the reverse happens and the aura gets softer and gradually fades.  This aura is actually seen by many people, but is commonly confused with harsh hospital lighting (which is ironic because the lights are actually usually dimmed in these situations).

This "death" aura can be very disturbing to witness when it is unexpected.  Perhaps because it is so strong, it can be seen by people who have never shown the slightest sign of any psychic abilities.  It should be taken as a warning sign.  Like all auras it signifies future intention and generally appears within hours before death.

The bright white aura meaning is the transition to and from a physical body.

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