Clairvoyance Meditation for Psychic Benefits

Learn clairvoyance meditation to enhance your psychic accuracy.  It is the most effective technique.

Clairvoyance meditation has different goals than other types.  It is not trying to connect you with some divinity, nor is it a vehicle to "find yourself", and its also not used to lower your blood pressure or to get you a better grade on your SATs.

Your goal here is to improve your psychic skills, and the best meditative technique will reflect that.  So, focus and contemplation alone will not be enough. 

And relaxation does not require agonies of concentration to achieve, either.  (You can also forget about any specialized breathing methods you may have heard about.)  What makes clairvoyant meditation special is what comes after relaxing, contemplating and focusing.

The Necessary Three Steps

1.  Relaxation

The only purpose of this step is to get rid of any distractions caused by your physical discomfort.  Do not feel that you have to do anything different from what you would normally do to relax your body (as when you are preparing to sleep).  Simply calm yourself, let your thoughts drift, and listen to the sound of your own breathing (your normal breathing).

You do have to sit (not recline) but, you do not have to sit on the ground, and you do not have to sit cross-legged in a lotus position.  You should also be alone (no groups, no gurus, no one else) and you should review the proper preparation for meditation for beginners.

2.  Contemplation and Focus

This involves any type of object, animal, vegetable or mineral.  It can be the object itself, or a reproduction.  (It's obviously more beneficial to have the actual object at hand, but that is not always possible.  The goal of this step is to focus your conscious mind on the object, through contemplation. 

Because it is next to impossible to focus your whole mind on anything just by looking at it, real psychics use a technique called "scanning".  Scanning involves making your mind actually do something with the object as you are looking it, so it pretty well keeps your whole mind occupied.

  • Look at your object as if it were a flat two-dimensional image and, starting with the top, left corner, methodically scan across the top 1/5 of the view.  Look from left to right, in a strip of the top fifth of the picture.
  • When you have finished with the top fifth, go to the next row or the second fifth of the view (again from left to right) and scan it across until you are done with this strip.
  • Repeat this with the next three strips, looking only at the one that should be occupying your attention at any given moment.

For instance, if you were using this carnation as an object for your meditation:

pink carnation used as clairvoyance meditation object

you would (starting in the upper left-hand corner) examine the top fifth of the flower, ignoring what's below it, like this:

pink carnation with the bottom 4/5 removed

After you have finished scanning the entire object this way, close your eyes and mentally build a picture of the object in your mind, row by row, the way you did with your eyes open.

You will omit details the first few meditations you do this, but you will get better with practice.  Your ability to visualize is a crucial part of your psychic powers and this technique will improve your skill.  Don't spend more than 3 or 4 minutes on this.

3.  Removal

Now comes the tough part.  When you have a finished scan of the object visualized in your mind, start again at the top, left-hand corner and begin removing the image, strip by strip, like this:

pink carnation with the top fifth removed

Repeat for the next four rows.  This should only take a couple of minutes. 

When the entire image is gone from your mind, an amazing thing happens.  Your mind will be still- open to impressions, visions, messages, whatever.  This won't last long at first, but as you  continue to practice clairvoyance meditation, the window of opportunity in this phase will grow, usually to around 3 minutes or so. 

This period is the state you are trying to achieve with this technique.  If you can gradually sustain it, your psychic abilities will grow enormously.

Try combining this technique with these meditation exercises:  1.  Growth and decay and 2.  Life forces

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