Meditation for Beginners: Preparation Benefits

Beginners will intensify their psychic rewards from meditation with focused preparation.

Meditation for beginners to psychic development should start with getting ready physically as well as mentally  Your actions, performed with sure and deliberate movements will lead to the correct mental attitude.

What is the correct attitude?

First, you must be anchored with a secure and well-defined sense of self.  Engaging your physical senses without giving them a source for distraction is your first goal.

Next, you want to maintain a balance between relaxation and alertness, a sort of heightened awareness of things that are within your personal space.  To encourage this focus, you need to make your preparations with a sense of anticipation and pleasure- like cleaning your home for a visit from a distant relative, or decorating for a holiday.

A Meditative Environment

You want a place that is quiet- without any background distractions.  Indoors is preferable.  Yes, nature is wonderful and inspiring, but you don't want to be inspired by anything except whatever is the focus of your meditation.  So, unless the object of your contemplation is outdoors and cannot be moved inside, find a quiet room.

Noise- Eliminate sounds, especially anything that is not natural, e.g. t.v.. mp3, computer.  And no meditation software or mantras.  This is clairvoyant not transcendental meditation.

Light- Turn off the lights and anything that has an artificial light coming from it.  If its too dark, light a candle (unscented) but place it behind you so that it is not in your direct line of vision.

Smells- Do not add any fragrances to this area, not even air freshener.  No food, no perfume, and no incense.

Visuals- Use a part of the room that does not have any pictures or other graphics in your line-of-sight.  Facing a blank section of wall would be good.

Positioning- Think about a position where you will feel comfortable and relaxed, yet alert.  The best choice is often a straight-backed chair.  Meditation for beginners might take about 30 minutes, so find a chair that you can sit in for that long.  (With practice, this time will be cut down to about 20 minutes.)

A Meditative Body

silhouette of a female meditating

For some reason, most books about meditating to develop psychic powers do not explicitly direct their readers to do it without their clothes on, even though these authors must know that little progress will be made unless this is done.

Why is this necessary?

Well as a rule if you're psychically sensitive, clothes feel uncomfortable in general.  We tend to go for loose-fitting, lightweight, natural materials- not because of any kind of rules or belief system, just because they feel better.  Physical things and psychic things are not as divided as they seem.  This is particularly true when you start breaking down the barriers that your mind has spent a lifetime constructing, to meet societal norms.

But that doesn't really explain why meditation works better without clothes.  However, rather than force-feed you some half-baked pseudo-scientific theories about energy fields and psychic forces in the natural world, there's an easier way.

Test it yourself.

Try doing a meditative exercise without clothes (force yourself, even if you feel silly) a couple of times- enough so you are not self-conscious about it any longer.  Then switch to doing it with clothes on.  You will immediately sense that you are not getting the full (if any) benefit of the meditation.

Sadly, this is why many people conclude that they have no psychic ability.  They simply do not make progress or experience what they should, because a simple detail of their instructions have been left out.  Meditation for beginners especially, should be a life-changing, experience not an exercise in boredom.

Items that should not be worn

No clothes includes socks and any type of footwear.  It also means no:

  • hair ties, bows, headbands or any other hair device
  • jewelry- earrings, rings, anything that is not permanent
  • nail polish
  • makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer
  • prosthetics
  • glasses

In general, anything artificial that is added to any part of your body should be avoided, if it is not permanent and can be taken off.

In addition, meditation should be performed right after showering or bathing (if possible).  You may have to adjust your schedule so that you have the 20-30 minutes available for both preparations and meditating.

If all this seems ritualistic, well, yes it is.  Formal preparation helps you to slip into a meditative state of mind.  It will take you less time to relax and calm yourself before you begin, because this will start happening automatically while you prepare.

As to why this aspect of meditation is generally not talked about, well it was clearly a social taboo years ago.  Mystics and psychics did not need another factor to discredit them in the public mind.  They were already far enough out of the mainstream as it was.   Nowadays, its probably just "custom" to not discuss it, or it could be that it is considered a trade "secret".  Whatever the reason, as long as you now know that it is the proper way to gain all the psychic benefits from your exercises, you can try it and see for yourself.

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