Meditation Exercises: Growth and Decay

Meditation exercises will strengthen and focus your psychic energy by concentrating on the two central forces of growth and decay.

The object of these meditation exercises is to bring the beginnings of your psychic sight to your awareness, so that you understand that it exists separately from all your other senses and that it can be controlled- summoned at will, and dismissed the same way. 

Growing forces and dying forces surround us, but we generally are unaware of them. 

This exercise will ensure that you will notice these forces immediately and automatically in your daily life. 

This will happen- whether you decide to explore them more deeply, or whether you turn your attention to something else.

Exercise 1

growing plant for meditation exercises

You will need a growing, thriving plant- any kind.

It does not have to be a perfect specimen, just one that you think will last awhile.

The idea is that while plants may have individual leaves that are discolored or shredded, they can be perfectly healthy plants anyway.

(Learning to see past the cosmetic effects, through to the essence of a thing is another benefit of this exercise.)

dying plant for meditation exercises

You will also need a dying, wilting or decaying plant.

It does not have to be the same species as the growing plant. 

But this one should be a plant that may not be completely dead, but one that you're pretty sure isn't revivable.


1.  Place the plants about 3 feet apart from each other, and about 3 feet away from you.

2.  Gaze at the living plant for about 2-3 minutes, thinking things that describe its condition, like flourishing, blossoming, growing, and developing.

3.  Close your eyes and visualize the plant with your mind's eye.  As soon as the image starts fading or changing, open your eyes.

4.  Glance at the plant again, and then quickly move your gaze away from it, so that it is in your peripheral vision.

5.  What do you feel?  Grab that feeling, notice it, describe it to yourself.

6.  Now gaze at the dying plant for the same 2-3 minutes, thinking of things that describe it, like fading, withering, decaying, and dwindling.

7.  Close your eyes, see the plant with your mind's eye, and open your eyes when the picture changes.

8.  Glance quickly at the dying plant, and then away so that it is in your peripheral vision.

9.  Notice what you are feeling now.  How is it different from what you felt about the first plant?

Exercise 2


1.  Put both plants next to each other.

2.  Gaze at the two of them together for a couple of minutes. 

3.  Close your eyes, but this time don't envision the plants. Just concentrate on the differences you felt when looking at them.

4.  When some vision forms in your mind's eye, open your eyes and look directly at the plants.

5.  Whatever vision you saw when you closed your eyes, should, for a split second be superimposed on or around the plants.

6.  As soon as this fades, get up and do something that is part of your normal daily routine.

So, the growing plant will have given you an impression of pulsations outward, like a swelling force.  Although you will not continue to see it (unless you deliberately invite it to be visible) you will know that it's there and you will find yourself knowing that that same force is present in other growing-type things you encounter.

And, the dying plant will have given you an impression of something collapsing in upon itself, away from other things, getting smaller, but not less there, than the growing plant.  Both forces are different, opposites in fact, but equally powerful.  You will also know that this decaying force is within other dying things you see.

(For the most powerful effect, the exercises above should be performed using the correct preparation.)

When you've mastered these, continue with meditation exercises: life forces.

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