How to Sit For Meditation

How to sit for meditation should be guided by what you hope to gain from it psychically.

Improvements can be achieved in your mind's:

How to sit for meditationHow to sit for psychic meditation
  • Awareness
  • Focus
  • Range
  • Depth

Bear in mind that meditation for psychic benefits is a very different thing than other types of meditation.

This type of meditation aims to relax your mind, increase your resonance with life forces and extend the reach of your psychic abilities.

Learning to sit correctly will allow you to fully experience the benefits of psychic meditation.

How to sit for meditation to expand your awareness

Relaxing your mind does not mean your goal is some kind of mental nothingnesss. Rather, your mind should be in a state of readiness and anticipation. It just should not be distracted by your normal thoughts.

Therefore, you want your body to be both relaxed and yet alert. A chair with a back that allows you to comfortably place both feet on the ground, is ideal. Although your chair should have a back (no benches) it should not be an excessively high one. Its' support should not go any higher than where your neck and head join.

Keeping your head free to move will help you stay alert. Although your head should be kept relatively still, it is important that you do this, rather than relying on an artificial prop.

How to sit for mediation for better focus

'Focus', while meditating, does not have the same meaning it ordinarily does. (Psychic lingo commonly trips up non-psychics, because words mean different things to a psychic.) You are not concentrating on something. In fact, you are doing the opposite. 

When you do psychic meditation, you are trying to empty your mind of lower level thoughts or ordinary messages, so that you can focus on receiving extraordinary ones.

How to sit for meditation for better focus, means sitting so that you can more easily receive higher level thoughts. To do this, your head should be positioned straight ahead (not turned to either side). There should be no downward tilt as well, even if it is more comfortable. If it does not require too much effort, a slightly upward tilt of your head is preferred.

How to sit for meditation to increase your range

For psychic meditation, never envision yourself sealed in a bubble, apart from the rest of existence. Instead, you want to open yourself up to a variety of experiences that you are ordinarily unaware of, mainly because they are subtle compared to the sensory bombardments of 'real life'.

You want to increase your psychic range to its utmost capability, so that you can receive even the most subtle energies.

In order to do this, no part of your body should be crossed with another. Your fingers,  hands, arms, toes, feet and legs should be free of any pressure, able to move (even if you won't be moving them).

Also, expose your hands and feet as much as you can during meditation. Think sandals or barefoot, rather than boots. If it is not too uncomfortable, you should position your arms so that the palms of your hands face up rather than down.

Your limbs are a source of great psychic power, so do not limit them in any way. 

How to sit for meditation to achieve greater depth

'Depth' refers to your understanding, the meanings you assign to thoughts, feelings and events. To find the most depth in your meditations, the best way to sit is to do it outside. If the weather does not permit this, the next best thing is to sit next to a window.

Sitting outdoors will help with your breathing. A large part of any kind of meditation is deep breathing. Fresh air is better for this, both physically and mentally. It is also somehow easier to get into the rhythm of the breathing when you are surrounded by other natural rhythms, like wind and weather, or growth and decay.

It has long been recognized that surrounding yourself with nature leads to introspection and illumination. These are habits you definitely want to cultivate in order to grow your psychic abilities.

How to sit for

  1. Do not sit for meditation for more than 15 minutes.
  2. Do not slouch; your spine should be straight.
  3. Do not wait until late in the day; make time for it, early!
  4. Do not browbeat yourself for doing it 'wrong'.

1.  Many people are delighted with the novelty of effects from meditation. They often think, "Well if 15 minutes has this great an effect, imagine what 30 minutes would have." If you extend meditation for too long, though, the benefits will evaporate and your results will deteriorate. And adding another daily session with a break in between, is almost as bad. Meditation should not get in the way of you living your life.

2.  Keeping your spine straight will avoid strain and discomfort that could harm you physically. It will also make meditation easier to accomplish if you are both disciplined (not slouching) and comfortable. (No one should be counting down the minutes until it is over with)

3.  The benefits you get from meditation are both instantaneous and long-term. Why put them off any longer? If you wait until the evening before you meditate, how will you practice your immediate benefits? These will be mostly wasted. Start your activity for the day by meditating; adjust your schedule to do so. It will be worth the effort.

4.  Nobody gets it completely right. You will always be improving, and you are the standard to be measuring yourself by. If you understand how you can improve, and you want to improve, then you will. Never use your 'mistakes' as an excuse to feel bad; there is no benefit in that. 

This how to sit for meditation guide will hopefully set you up for better results. If you do it (mostly) correctly with some regularity, it will set the mood, tone and expectations to achieve your psychic success.

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