Meditation Exercises: Recognizing Life Forces

Use meditation exercises life forces to sharpen your psychic identification of different types of energy.

These medium-to-advanced meditation exercises stimulate your ability to see the life energies which exist just beyond what your physical eye sees.

It works like this: 

Objects in front of you inspire thoughts about them, which in turn leads to feelings and sensations that develop within you, and these lead to a psychic vision which will grow stronger and clearer with practice.

You have these deeper feelings now; you are just not aware of them.  These exercises will bring your feelings to the surface.

Exercise: Energy Force Types

mrditation exercises purple crystal

You will need a crystal for this exercise. 

Any type will do, size does not matter, as long as it is alone (not in a jewelry setting) and can be easily viewed.

1.  Place the crystal where you can see it comfortably, at eye level, but on a surface that is NOT your hand.

2.  Gaze at the crystal and focus on these thoughts as you do:

This crystal has a unique form all its own.  It does not move; it stays fixed in place.  The force that causes a thing to move is not within it.  The force that impels a thing to move is 'desire' or 'will'.  The crystal is made up of forces that do not include 'will'.

black and white cat, alert

3.  Now position yourself in front of an animal.  (It does not have to be a cat; any animal will do as long as you can focus your attention on it without you moving around.

4.  Gaze at the animal and let these thoughts occupy your mind:

This animal also has its own unique form.  The animal moves all the time.  It is the force of desire or will that causes it to change its place.  It moves because it wants to.  The whole shape and form of the animal expresses this 'desire' force within it, even if it is not moving now.  Every part of this animal is in perfect harmony with this force that causes it to move.

5.  Now, shift your gaze between the crystal and the animal, comparing the forces within each.  Be patient; if your mind wanders, gently steer it back to the thoughts above.

6.  Your observations and thoughts should eventually lead you to feel two completely different sensations as you look at the crystal and the animal.  These are psychic impressions that will get stronger each time you repeat this meditation exercise.

 The first time you will probably only get a glimpse of these impressions, and they will fade, quickly.  (But you will remember that you did feel something.)  After doing the exercise several times (over a period of days) at some point you find that these feelings stay with you, and that you can summon them whenever you desire.  And you will not even need to have the objects in front of you anymore, to do this.

7.  Your psychic impressions of these forces will become a vision.  You will see through to the essence of these things, past their outer shells.  Most likely, what you see will be color-tinged.  These colors will become very important to your psychic sight later on.  They will help you see past the "noise" created by your physical senses, straight through to the true essence of a thing.

Exercise: The Third Energy Type

The third type of energy force is harder to see, so this meditation should only be done after you have succeeded with the crystal and the animal.  You will need a fully mature plant.

1.  Position the plant equally distant between the crystal and the animal, and sit directly in front of it, so that the crystal and animal are in your peripheral vision.

2.  Gaze at the plant, concentrating on these thoughts:

This plant has its own original form.  It can move, but only in response to stimuli necessary for its survival.  This is not the same as "desire".  It is necessity.  Its shape and form is made up of forces that do not include "will", except as a response to the needs of survival.

3.  Now, look at the crystal and back to the plant.  Then look at the animal and back to the plant.  Repeat this for several minutes, noting the differences in how each makes you feel in comparison to the other.

4.  The impression you get from any plant will be something in between an animal and a mineral.  This exercise should be repeated over several days, until your sense of the energy force within plants is a strong as it is with an animal and a mineral.  The color tinge you will see will not be a variety of what you see with the other two; it will be distinct.  However, it also lies somewhere between both of them.

Colors are somewhat individualized.  You need to learn what you see,  not what would only be a standardized interpretation (that in reality represents what no one actually experiences themselves).  So, no hints on what you should see.

For the best results (to get the strongest impressions, more quickly) do these meditation exercises with the proper preparation.

If you haven't done the growth and decay meditation exercises you should do them first and then come back to these.  You will be able to achieve more here, having done those. 

And, learn about this superior method for clairvoyance meditation.

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