How to Be a Psychic-
Essential Elements

You cannot learn how to be a psychic.

The first essential element is that you MUST realize and know without doubt, is that you are a psychic.

It does not matter whether or not you have experienced any psychic manifestations, or even how you feel about psychic abilities. You are a psychic because you are human. It is a normal sense, just as sight, hearing, taste and smell are. But, you may never fully experience life as a psychic if you cannot accept this as the truth.

It is a difficult challenge for some.

Everything around you has conditioned you (and everyone else) to believe that psychic abilities do NOT exist. Belief systems are hard to penetrate. This is because beliefs are not simply habits. They are your framework for experiencing reality. But this framework (while it does give you some degree of stability) is also blocking or restraining part of that reality. You literally cannot see the truth if you do not FIRST know it.

So, the biggest challenge in how to be a psychic is to really, really KNOW that you are psychic, without any kind of proof of that fact. It is contrary to all logic and reason.

But logic and reason are not helpful with psychic powers. You need to find and reach for other ways of knowing.

Psychic knowing

What are other ways of knowing (that do not involve logic and reason)?

Thoughts and emotions

Pay particular attention to thoughts and emotions that are unconnected to any known stimulus. For instance, a thought that pops into your mind which has not been preceded by any other relevant thoughts. Or an emotion that you are suddenly feeling that has not been caused by any events or thoughts.

Impulses to action can be another way of psychic knowing. (Caution: these impulses are always beneficial and involve minor actions, such as, "Turn here." If you get a sudden impulse to do anything that might cause harm, that is not psychic, that is ILLNESS, and should be treated as such.) 

So, step 1 is:

Pay Attention! Identify these thoughts, emotions and impulses as soon as they occur.

Step 2 is:

Follow through! Do not just dismiss them. Analyze them. What could these thoughts, emotions or impulses mean? What might happen if you deliberately continued them?

Do a test. Try to continue thinking or feeling something that is pleasing. Or, if your impulse seems like a small, harmless thing, try it. See what follows from these efforts. If good things happen, then you know that your psychic abilities are emerging.

Symbols...another way of psychic knowing

Symbols are everywhere, for those who see them. They are tangible psychic knowledge for anyone who wants to learn how to be a psychic.

How do you know what is a symbol, and what is simply what it seems to be?

A symbol is something that grabs your attention. It may not grab anyone else's attention, but you notice it. It may seem odd, or a bit out of place, or it just might stand out amidst dozens of other similar things. This may seem vague, but if you are paying more attention (as stated above) you WILL come across symbols meant for you.

How do you know what they mean?

The symbols that cross your path tend to be related to whatever thoughts you have had recently. So, a symbol could be an answer you were looking for, or a foretelling, or just clarity about a situation.

The best way of understanding what a symbol means is to analyze your reaction to it. What does it mean to you? Why are you noticing it? How do you feel?

Recognizing a symbol when it presents itself is one component of how to be a psychic.

A single blue jay feather close-upThis feather is a symbol to a psychic.

When is a blue jay's feather more than a feather?

  • when it is found on a path where only you walk
  • when you have been wondering when your luck will change
  • when finding it gives you a powerful sensation of joy

Symbols are an affirmation of your psychic ability, and a powerful encouragement to continue on your path. Symbols, whether in real life, or in your dream life (which is also real) are an important part of how to be a psychic.

Psychic affirmations

The biggest stumbling block in knowing how to be a psychic is your own belief system. How do you get past that to form a new belief...that you know how to be a psychic?

Many beliefs are simply the result of habit. At a young age you were instructed in daily practices and rituals, and doing these over a period of time formed your beliefs about every aspect of reality.

Prayers, mantras or affirmations reinforce your beliefs, even though they do not require deep thought. What they do do is stimulate your memory. They are a reminder of your belief. A belief is something most people feel is natural, spontaneous, and organic- even though it is not. Beliefs have to be carefully planted and nurtured.

What is the purpose of an affirmation, a saying or a catchphrase?

It is used to counteract anything contrary to a belief. It reaffirms your belief each time it is said. When you use language, you are using symbols. Symbols lend psychic weight to thoughts and feelings. When you speak, the sounds you make create vibrations. Although the physical vibration fades, it is recorded and stored in your memory.

Using and repeating a phrase that is meaningful to you will bolster and strengthen your understanding of how to be a psychic. Use a phrase that is less than seven words. Say a few different ones out loud, and choose the one that feels right. Something like, "I will always be a psychic," can soothe your distress when you are experiencing difficulties, while reminding you of your eternal existence.

Another type of symbol that serves as an affirmation of belief, is a talisman. This can be any type of physical object that you have instant access to (i.e. you carry it with you). Obviously, the simplest thing is a wearable...a necklace, bracelet or earring. However, it could be a charm, token or coin that you keep with you at all times. It should be something that has texture, not a completely smooth surface, like a plain metal band. You want to be able to grasp it, and feel some distinct bumps, ridges, edges or roughness. A talisman is something to touch when you need reassurance, or to reinforce a belief. The most obvious example is a crucifix. Any object that you can connect to your desire to learn how to be a psychic will do.

Knowing how to be a psychic is mostly about accepting you are one, and being aware of circumstances and events that confirm it.

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