How to See Your Future

Have you ever wondered how to see your future?

This type of foreknowledge often is spontaneous and not sought after at all. In fact, it seems as though it actually eludes those who actively seek it.

Like so many other things, really, really wanting to see the future almost guarantees you will not succeed.


If you are very emotionally invested in wanting something, you are also somewhat doubting it will happen- whether or not you acknowledge this to be so. (Certainty and a belief in your own power is the key to success for most psychic work.)

Therefore, the most fundamental basis for any instruction in how to see your future, is to stress that you must cultivate a degree of emotional remoteness about it. 

Relax about it.

How to see your future...what is 'future'

It helps to understand what 'the future' is, and what it is not.

The future is just a collection of probabilities...that is all. It is not reality, because it has not happened, not yet.

How to see your future...telescopeHow to See Your Future...NOT!

This is a common misconception, fueled by pop 'psychics', who talk about seeing the future as if it is just sitting there waiting, further down the road.

As if by just using your telescopic vision, you could see it, plain as day.

The future is not crystal clear; it is vague and unformed. When you 'see' the future, you are not seeing real events, only probable outcomes, based on real events occurring now. So the future is not real, even though what it is based upon (the present) is.

And, because any prediction you make is made in the present, you run into the problem that the actual prediction might affect the future.

Why is that a problem? After all, influencing the future is kind of what you want to do, right? Not exactly.

People have free will. And, the impulse to exercise that free will dominates their behavior. Combine that with rebellion (consciously or not) against the idea that their behavior is controlled or predetermined, and there is an irresistible impulse to act differently than predicted.

Accepting that the future is vague and undecided is the first step towards learning how to see your future.

How to see your future...partially

So, not all of your future is vague and undecided. There are some parts- people or places or things- that are fully formed and are available psychically.

Now...important details can be missing, causing you to misinterpret what is going on. Therefore, do not expand on, or spruce up what you have seen. Simply report (or note) it as it was shown to you. 


The images we are shown when scrying tend to be mundane, or not the main story. If you know this, and understand it (so you don't get too excited by what you see) you will get much further along. Successful scrying is part natural ability and part experience/application. You learn which images to discount and which to focus on. They are not all equally weighted.

How to see your future by scrying

Scrying is 'seeing' the future by using a speculum. A speculum can be anything from a fingernail to a crystal ball. You are looking for a featureless, smooth surface. Many psychics prefer its background to be dark.

Your state of mind is most important. You should strive to be calm and focused. If you have been meditating, you should understand what a light trance state feels like...not asleep, but completely relaxed. There is also a component of readiness and expectation that you need to hold steady. Do not get overly excited, though.

When you feel you are ready, here are some tips:

  • Do it at night, when the moon is waxing, nearly full.
  • Set aside an undisturbed hour for it.
  • Light a candle, placed behind you (so it doesn't cast a glare).
  • Start with 15 minutes, gradually increasing it as things occur.

You may not see anything the first couple of times. That's ok. Let the process become familiar to you, get used to how a light trance feels, etc. 

At some point, you will experience the following:

  1. Your speculum clouds over, with a kind of grayish mist.
  2. Shimmering lights, fiery flashes and cloudy shapes appear.

This is NOT the vision of your future. But it is a necessary preliminary to actually seeing something real. It is pretty dramatic, and if you are like most people, you will get so excited that you jerk yourself right out of your trance. 

So you need to learn how to see your future by successfully getting past this stage. You need to hold yourself in a balanced stillness, like a coiled spring. If you can control your impulse to react, you will then feel a sense of security and control, beyond anything you've felt before. Next:

  1. the grayish mist and fiery flashes disappear, and then,
  2. well-defined forms will become present in your speculum

The calmer and more well-balanced your mind is, the more visions you will receive. The visions in your speculum are from YOUR psychic sight. But you still need to be selective and discerning.

What you are watching is like a dream while you are awake. Many of the scenes really have no particular meaning for you. So how do you know which ones are really glimpses of your future?

By how they make you feel.

When you reach this point in your scrying, there are no definite answers that another person can provide you with. You are the one who has to judge what is important and what is not, sorting and separating the wheat from the chaff.

In general:

  • Pay attention to images that inspire strong emotion in you. (While some may be horrific or beautiful, you might not feel anything stronger than distaste or admiration. If that is the case, they are unimportant.)
  • Look for recurring symbols, that will only have meaning for you. Learn how to associate these with particular events. (The only possible way of learning is through experience, i.e. when an event confirms a symbol.)

Sometimes (for some people) how to see your future is by seeing actual words rather than images. These could be handwritten words, or printed ones. 

How to see your future and then what?

Once you have verified that you can see your future (Predictions have occurred.) what should you do about it?

Bear in mind that this is your future you have seen, not anyone else's. Whether you can read for another person is still not clear. It is both more difficult and also somewhat easier to read another person's future.

It is easier to see another's future, because you can distance yourself from the images, and judge how relevant they are with more clarity. But this also means that unless you are accustomed to seeing symbols in your scrying, you will not have the benefit of a strong emotional response to guide you. And that makes it more difficult to see someone else's future.

In order to see your future (or anyone's) with any kind of accuracy, you need to have a strong sense of  'self''. You have to be very secure in the knowledge of 'who' you are, to ground you and prevent your judgment from being overwhelmed. Learning how to see your future will not help you in any way if you are insecure or uncertain about your motivation.

As far as what to do with any knowledge gained, that is entirely a personal decision. General not share with anyone who is not directly involved. If you are hoping to do this professionally, discretion is crucial.

How to see your future without 'seeing' it

There are at least four other ways that you can know your future, without actually seeing images.

  1. There is automatic writing, where messages are written by your hand, directed by an unknown part of yourself. 
  2. There is clairaudience, where messages are revealed through an inner 'voice'.
  3. There is psychic dreaming, where future events are revealed to you in your sleep.
  4. There is direct clairvoyance, where you just know what is going to happen.

All of these methods can be learned, and all should be tried. There are always tips and techniques for any kind of psychic work.  However it is likely you will find yourself drawn to one particular way above the others. And it is natural that when you are learning how to see your future, you will eventually stick with the method that feels most natural to you.

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