Why Can I Read Minds?
(and can anyone else do it?)

Why can I read minds?

Well, it is NOT because of a high degree of 'understanding' people's motivations and actions. An 'understanding' would not give you an exact translation of another person's thoughts. It would only give you the gist of what they were thinking.

Empathy is not quite the answer, either. Feelings do lead to thoughts, but thoughts lead to feelings as well. Besides, 'leading to' is not the same thing as exactly replicating it. And that is what reading a thought is...exactly replicating another person's thoughts within your own mind.

Reading minds has nothing to do with:

  • Physical or social signals
  • Relaxation or stress
  • Drugs or alcohol

The answer for anyone asking, "Why can I read minds?" is IDENTIFICATION. If you can completely identify with another person, even for a millisecond, you can read their mind. And anyone can do this, if they can manage to submerge their own ego and thoroughly identify with someone else.

If this process were expressed visually, it would be like two thought bubbles merging.

Reading minds is like two thought bubbles merging.Merging thoughts

You can read my mind if...

1.  ...you can identify with my personality completely, to the point where your own is temporarily submerged.

2.  ...I allow you to. It must be consensual because a simple, "no" is enough to shut it down.

Identification differs from understanding because it is a more complete process. You are not just reading a mind, you are sharing one (very temporarily). It is as if a thought just suddenly appears in your mind, without any apparent reason.

Reading minds is just a form of communication. There is no domination of one mind over another's (only passive observation) and there is no theft of information, because it is simply not possible to read someone's mind if it is not open to allowing it. Some part of everyone's mind is always working, always aware and always protective.

Why can I read minds...Some people are more aware of these workings than others. These are the ones who tend to experience more psychic phenomena  because their personalities are more integrated.

Why can I read minds...How to read a mind using identification

When you are using identification to read a mind, what you are trying to do is to shape your mind/personality so that it mimics another person's.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to quiet your own mind. You can use clairvoyance meditation techniques to achieve this.
  2. Next, envision the person whose mind you are trying to read. Build (or paint) the most complete picture you can, if that person is not in view. If they are where you can see them, study their expressions, their mannerisms, their posture, the positioning of different body parts, and imagine yourself doing the same things in the exact same way. 
  3. Then, think about what you might be thinking if you were doing these things. Fit yourself into the other person's mindset by studying their physical signs. Our minds do happen to be encased in physical bodies, and they tend to express themselves in physical ways. These are the clues you need to follow.

It will not be hard to identify any thoughts you RECEIVE as originating from someone else. When it happens accidentally, we instinctively know, and wonder, "Where did that come from?" The difference now will be that you can pinpoint who it comes from, because it is intentional.

Why can I read minds...why me?

Some people are WATCHERS. They do not make their mark on society; they are uncomfortable in the spotlight, and they just prefer to observe what is happening around them.

They do not have any special psychic abilities, they are just more aware of the abilities that everyone already has. They notice things that do not line up with accepted notions. Most people brush aside anything out of the ordinary. They spend their entire lives ignoring unexplainable events (large and small).

Watchers ask the hard questions. They search for answers, and they are rewarded by learning the deeper meanings within all things. They are not just skimming the surface of life; they are living it more fully. Once you understand that the outside thoughts you experience within your own mind actually come from an outside source, you will be even more alert to these opportunities.

Communication and creativity go together. Opening another source of communication leads to greater creativity, which in turn leads to greater clarity about any situation.

Why can I read minds...
Search and Experimentation

Once you realize that you have actually read someone's mind, your life will probably be one of constant self-examination. You will replay the experience over and over in your mind, trying to find clues as to why it happened, and whether it can be repeated.

Superstition and magic will not help in this regard. (They never do.) To move forward, you must accept that supernatural phenomena is the norm, a common occurrence. As you regularly adapt your thoughts, emotions and physical actions to the pursuit of reading minds, you will find that many different kinds of psychic phenomena come to you automatically and unasked for (a kind of beneficial side effect). 

When you start receiving the thoughts (and feelings) of others, you will also come to understand that time and space are artificial constructs and not 'natural' barricades. Unity of all existence is the true reality. If you can receive the thoughts of someone near you, you can receive the thoughts of someone distant in either (or both) time and space. Reality is infinite; if you can think it, it can be. And your natural, latent talent for reading minds can be developed with practice...as long as you are confident of these truths. The elimination of self-doubt will occur at some point, through your experimentation and repetition. You will, eventually, own it.

The most important thing to remember about reading minds or telepathy is that it cannot be forced, only allowed. It is a free-flowing type of spiritual communication between two souls.

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