How to Start Automatic Writing

Learning how to start automatic writing as an adult can be challenging. It used to come much more naturally to children. As they learned to write, a lot of their focus went towards penmanship-  practicing drawing those magical letters, over and over.

Automatic writing stimulated by practicing handwritingAutomatic writing was sometimes triggered by the boredom and repetition of learning to write.

Doodling, for those bored with repetitive lessons, was their next step.

Holding a pencil (then a pen) became something that was  habitual in a child's life- for hours and hours at a time. So, automatic writing became a logical result of daydreaming with a pen in hand. And automatic writing lasted and progressed into adulthood.

Nowadays its not that simple. Keyboards have eliminated that seamless (but accidental) transition to automatic writing. People do sit for long hours at their computers, but their hands tend not to be on their keyboards when daydreaming. So there's little chance of it happening accidently. And when you try to concentrate on how to start automatic writing it is harder than absentmindedly doing it randomly.

But it can be done.

How to start automatic writing by using muscle energy

It is a popular misconception that successful psychic work depends on the strength of an individual's willpower. This is untrue in most cases, but is particularly false when it is applied to automatic writing.

You must learn to separate your will from your focus.

That is not to say you must give up your will. No- you move it to another place in your mind, so that your physical body has no access to it. However, you can restore access any time you want to. You are in control of all aspects of automatic writing, not anyone else. Meditation into a light trance will accomplish this separation.

When you have achieved the correct state of mind, take a pencil and hold it above a sheet of paper. The best way to do this is to keep your arm off the table as well, so that neither your wrist nor your elbow touches it. The muscle fatigue this induces will help to  stimulate automatic writing. This is the order in which things will occur:

  1. Slight movements of the pencil make scrawling marks on the paper.
  2. The marks repeat and become more consistent.
  3. They start forming shapes like circles, hooks, angles, etc.
  4. Words are formed.
  5. whole sentences are written out.

It is important that you do not try to guide the writing in any way, even though it is likely to be nonsensical at first. If it helps, you can think of other things while the automatic writing is happening. 

How to start automatic writing... tips

  • Sit in a semi-dark room or close your eyes.
  • Limit these sessions to 20 minutes per day.
  • If a pencil feels heavy, use your forefinger. (But you will need to read and remember the messages.)
  • Allow yourself to go into a trance state if you are drowsy.
  • Be alone.

How to start automatic writing...practice

The more you practice, the easier it becomes. Do not be surprised if (when you become proficient) the words that are being written become present in your mind, a split second before they appear in writing.

This is a sign that your connection is strong. This is when you can place the most reliance upon what is being communicated to you.

However, nothing is ever absolute about psychic information. At best, it is all about probabilities, not certainties. There are no guarantees, so you must use your own wisdom and discernment to sift through the info to find the gems. Only your own experience will teach you what can be trusted and how much you should trust it.

Does automatic writing come from your own thoughts, or from elsewhere?

Automatic writing comes through your mentality- therefore it can be limited or assisted by your mentality. Sometimes a thought is conveyed, but you are responsible for how it is expressed. Other times, all aspects of word-for-word writing is completely disassociated from you. And, if you are not in a receptive mood, even if the thought comes from elsewhere, your mind struggles to find an appropriate way to express it (resulting in gibberish). 

The bottom line is- it is hard to erase some input from you on your automatic writing, but you can limit it.

How to Start Automatic Writing...the Planchette

Allegedly, some version of a planchette (the tool used with Ouija boards) was actually used by the ancient Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, in the 6th century B.C.. It is a small triangular table, mounted on three legs, and is usually placed on a board with letters and numbers on it. The idea is that one or more persons place their fingertips upon the planchette, and it will move of its own accord, to spell out messages.

This Ouiga board version is not exactly automatic writing, but if you take a planchette, and replace the front leg with a pencil, it can be used for automatic writing.

So, why use a planchette, instead of a pencil? 

The idea was that the planchette could comfortably be used by two or more persons, and that by pooling their psychic powers, messages would be more accurate.

Unfortunately, automatic writing is not at its best when done by committee. A planchette, like a pencil, should be used by one person at a time. It can be used by an individual to achieve the same results as any other tool. It has no special powers of its own.

How to start automatic writing...Are questions helpful?

Maybe one to start with. But you are aiming for a conversation, not a Q and A session. You are not interacting with Alexa, and acting like you are does not set a good tone. Also, you do not want to issue a blanket invitation to any low-level thought form that's passing through. 

Remember you are in control of your interactions. If something doesn't feel right, just say, "I do not want to talk with you", or, "I only want to talk to _(insert name if you know it)."

Do not get bogged down with a list of questions. For starters, you probably do not even know what to ask. Most of the time, what you think is important really is not. No one can actually grasp the 40,000 foot view they need to see the big picture. But if you give the source of your automatic writing some slack, they can provide you with the most useful in-the-moment info.

Learning how to start automatic writing is easy; practicing it will help you refine the techniques that are most useful for you.

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