Psychic Powers: The Power of Visualization

The power of visualization is the keystone of your psychic powers. It is so much more than the way it is portrayed in popular culture. A vision board just doesn't cut it, and there are NOT 13 easy steps to mastering visualization, either.

But this is not because it is surpassingly difficult to achieve. It is just that it is like the layers of an onion; there is always more to peel away. It is never a done, cross-it-off-the-list kind of thing. Achieving the state of being that visualization requires is simply the result of habit.

Acquiring a new habit, means unfortunately, you have to lose some old ones. And letting go of old habits is the tricky, time-consuming part. As a former smoker, I realize this only too well. (The weird thing is, that as I relinquished this seemingly unrelated bad habit, my powers of visualization increased enormously.)

The important thing to remember is that it is easy to master the power of visualization. That is your natural state of being, which YOU are blocking with a lifetime of learned bad habits.

What is the power of visualization?

Visualizationas commonly perceived, is simply the ability to hold an image in your mind. The idea is that if you stay focused on that image (keep seeing it in your mind's eye) it will manifest in your reality.

Unfortunately, what most gurus don't realize, is that an image is just an image. If you look at a picture of a brand new car and memorize it, until you can exactly recall it, what do you have? A picture of a brand new car, that's all. If you stand next to an actual brand new car, and memorize it, it is still not your car.

So, how do you make it your car?

By understanding that the power of visualization is more than just seeing.

The power of visualization is the sum of all your physical senses, PLUS something more... you need to feel what you are visualizing, in as many ways as you can. And when you think you are done, there will always be more, always another aspect to experience.

The uplifting power of visualizationThe power of visualization is uplifting.

Focusing (in the context of visualization) means putting yourself there, in that reality you desire, as much as you can (which will be more each time). And even though there is always more you can do, you DO NOT have to achieve a perfect visualization in order to effect manifestation.

There is a tipping point, where enough power of visualization has been employed by you, so that what you have visualized is within your reality. No one can really predict with any certainty when this tipping point will come, but it does not have to be long. It can happen in the blink of an eye. It all depends on you; it is your certainty that counts. This is when you need your psychic beliefs  to give you that added boost.

What do you need, to use the power of visualization?

  1. pictures
  2. a crystal ball
  3. special music
  4. candles
  5. your mind 

Your mind is the key that unlocks all your senses to engage in the power of visualization. Each physical sense can be activated by your mind without any sort of outside stimulation.

Some experts say that visualization can be used to motivate people to achieve goals.

This is exactly backwards. If the motivation is not there, visualization can never happen. It's like the difference between reading a book and writing one. Outside stimulation eliminates the creative process within yourself. It replaces it, so that you are essentially a passive audience.

Some advise breaking down the big picture into manageable pieces, setting easily achieved, smaller goals to focus on.

This makes the power of visualization harder, not easier. A smaller goal or a signpost, is much less likely to motivate you, or activate the "vision thing" within you, than your true desire.

The power of visualization is for the big things, not for the things you can achieve using your physical senses and your grounded, rational mind.

How can your mind deliver the power of visualization?

Easily. Unlike everything in your physical world, your mind is not constrained by distance or time. As soon as you can conceive of anything, your mind is there.

And no value judgments apply here, either. A grain of sand is the same as a fortress when it comes to visualization. And a diamond is as easy to visualize as a piece of granite.

The best advice is to become what you want.

In the same way that really good actors can become the characters they play (for the duration of the entertainment) you can also become (for a time) whatever you want to achieve. You control your thoughts- no outside source does that. You control your emotions- that's what being human is. Those two facts are what makes the power of visualization possible.

You are your reality. Everything else...not so much.

The power of visualization is achieved by the emotions you activate with your 'mind's eye'.

Create a picture in your mind (through memories or imagination) that inspires deep, positive emotion within you, and hold it there (the image and the emotion) for as long as you can. It's that simple.

If the picture is 'alive' (not a static image) that is even better.

It does not matter whether you build the picture, component by component, or if it springs instantly to your mind. (But it can be hard to retain some parts while building others.) The most important thing is what you are feeling as you do this.

If a strong, positive emotion is not triggered by this activity, you will not enjoy much success. The kind of emotion you want to feel is joy. A joy that is so powerful it even has physical effects- like chills or goosebumps. If you can feel like this while you are visualizing your desire, know that it will soon become reality.

The power of visualization is available to everyone, regardless of intent.

The power of visualization is universal. It is natural law. When the right conditions have been met, success is guaranteed. It does not depend on your reason for using it, or what your desire is.

In fact, if it is done correctly, people with completely opposing desires or motivations can all accomplish their goals- even at the same moment. This is because contradictions do not really exist at the higher levels of existence. What appears to be a contradiction is really just a fundamental lack of understanding. Fortunately, this understanding is not really needed to use the power of visualization. Simply know that this power is outside of ordinary logic.

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