Psychic Beliefs Affect Your Abilities

Have you ever wondered if you need to believe that psychic powers exist, in order for them to work?

If so, you are not alone. And the answer is, yes, your psychic beliefs play a huge role in the success of your endeavors. If there is the slightest nagging doubt in your mind about the effectiveness of what you are doing (or pursuing) then you are  wasting your time.

But isn't this true of everything in life? How successful can you be at relationships, careers, or just about anything new if part of you is wondering about if you should have taken a different path?

If you are testing out whether or not psychic powers are real, you are committing your psychic energy to two opposing ideas, thereby weakening the signals of both.

How to align your psychic beliefs

In order to strengthen your effectiveness you need to make sure your psychic beliefs are focused in one direction.

And this is how:

If you are trying to learn about, or to use psychic powers, something had to have triggered this impulse in you. Maybe a thought that came out of nowhere, or an unexplained event, or an impulsive action that turned out well. Or it could even be a feeling of contact from someone who is not physically present. Whatever it was that motivated you, you need to remember and relive it, to deliberately recall that moment when you realized the possibility that psychic powers do exist.

Do this every time you feel any doubt, and eventually your psychic beliefs will be strengthened to the point that they are ingrained.

The second thing is, you have to give yourself permission to believe in psychic powers. 

That may sound silly, but often the thing that blocks these powers is feelings of guilt for occasionally thinking that there might be some truth to them (whether you think they might conflict with other beliefs, or that that they might be foolish, like believing in fairy tales).

You need to say it out loud..."I give myself permission to have psychic beliefs."

Why does this lead to firmer psychic beliefs?

What is a belief?

It is a knowing, an absolute certainty that such a thing is true. Think of the things you know to be so. These are not things you have to learn about, or follow a logical, well-reasoned path to. Whether or not there are good reasons for something you know to be so, is not important to your belief that it is.

A belief is a feeling, not a thought.

When you remember a significant event in your life, you are not remembering the thoughts that led to it (or the ones that came from it). You are remembering how it felt. 

Habits can lead to beliefs, which is why psychic rituals are important, BUT they are not a manifestation or a demonstration of beliefs themselves. If you act as though psychic beliefs are true and that you believe in them, at some point this will actually become your reality. One day you will realize that you are not just going through the motions, you really do believe. Be patient and do not stress over your doubts. That could cause even more delays on your path towards real psychic beliefs.

How do your other beliefs affect your psychic beliefs?

The truth is...not at all.

Any of your beliefs (religious, spiritual, political, economic, etc.) that may seem to contradict psychic beliefs, really do not. There are no contradictions, and you should not feel that you have to reconcile anything. Believe what you want it has zero impact on psychic beliefs.

Psychic beliefs are unaffected by any others.

Stop fighting your psychic beliefs

Its not really the psychic beliefs that bother you; its all the baggage that comes with them. The beliefs mark you and set you apart as different, and this can be an uncomfortable feeling. This is what you are really fighting.

But it is you who is setting up this conflict. You are the one throwing up mental roadblocks and straw men. Nothing affecting your psychic beliefs comes from the outside. Because, everything in the universe aligns with these beliefs. You can feel the rightness of that statement, even if you cannot justify it. Psychic beliefs are innate beliefs, meaning we are born with them, but we question and discard them when we are introduced to the limiting, logic of our modern upbringing. Who is threatened by psychic beliefs? Now that is something you can use your analytical skills to figure out.

When you realize this- that no actual conflicts exist, you can let go of all the false doubts. And your psychic powers benefit when you can think, feel and act in with a unified intention.

Psychic beliefs empower you

They give you the strength and armor to withstand major and minor setbacks. Psychic beliefs are also powerful anchors for self-identity and self-confidence, both things you absolutely need if you are going to use your powers. When you have faith in a process, where you know the outcome is assured, you can accomplish anything you can imagine.

You must hold your belief (when you receive it) firmly in your mind. Put blinders on; visualize yourself clad in impenetrable armor, so that no matter what doubts surround you- you are immune to them. When nothing you see or hear, and nothing you read about or watch on any media affects your psychic beliefs, you will know that they are a permanent part of you.

What do you gain from firm psychic beliefs?

You will be able to:

  • see things in a clearer light, and allow you to use the power of visualization
  • know Truth when you encounter it (in any way shape or form); 
  • receive increasingly advanced knowledge
  • understand how you design your own reality

And this will lead to you having better choices and making better decisions in all things, big and small. Once you see how your psychic beliefs really impact your life, you will never be able to un-see them.

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