Dream Symbols Thesaurus

"What does this symbol mean?" is the question most often asked about dreams.

Dream symbols consist of the remembered details of a dream.

There is generally one person, place or thing that stands out in a remembered dream. This is a dream symbol. It is easy enough to write whole books about any given symbol, but these are all pretty much useless misdirection for any reader/seeker of dream symbols.

This is because words themselves are symbols. When you are using symbols to describe symbols, it is best to use as few as possible. That way, you won't lose sight of an individual tree because you are surrounded by an immense forest. A good general rule for all psychic matters is that more is less.

So, like the list of tarot card meanings, this dream symbols list is more like a thesaurus than a dictionary. 

Dream Symbols A-Z


List of Dream Symbols


Abandonment- Bad luck, argument

Abduction- Success

Abyss (in the distance)- Clear-sighted warning

Abyss (nearby)- Danger coming

Abyss (falling into)- Immediate danger

Accident (non-specific)- Danger

Accident (affecting the head)- Danger to you or your father

Accident (affecting the right hand)- Danger to your mother

Accident (affecting the left hand)- Danger to your child(ren)

Accident (affecting the right foot)- Danger to a sibling

Accident (affecting the left foot)- Danger to an employee

Accused (by a man)- Good news coming

Accused (by a woman)- Bad news coming

Actor (or actress)- Dishonesty, deception

Airplane- Ambition, success

Altar- Joy, comfort

Ambulance- Illness, injury

Ambush- Disloyalty, treachery

Amputation- Injustice, disenchantment

Angel- Protection, happiness

Anger- Reconciliation, peace

Animals (herd of)- Prosperity, wealth accumulation

Ants- Activity, good health

Applause- Criticism, shame

Army- Betrayal, Momentous event coming

Asphyxiated- Asthma, Pneumonia

Assembly (male)- Treachery

Assembly (female)- Gossip, meddling

Asthma- Medical problem

Avalanche- Physical danger

Avenue- Ease, happiness

Axe- Unyielding, stubborn

Babies- Good fortune

Bag (empty)- Laziness, worries

Bag (full)- Abundance, productivity

Balcony (standing on)- Temporary glory

Balcony (falling)- Catastrophe

Ball (motionless)- Opportunity

Ball (rolling)- Success delayed

Banner- Glory, fame

Baptism- Fulfillment

Barking- Warning

Barley- Restoration, joy

Barrel (full)- Prosperity, abundance

Barrel (empty)- Poverty, lack

Barn- Financial straits

Basement- Misery, torment

Basket (full)- Friendly invitation

Basket (empty)- Beware

Bat- Peril

Bath- Loss of a relative or friend

Battle- Illness

Beans (black)- Mortal danger imminent

Beans (white)- Bad omen

Bear- Inept friend

Beard (fair-haired)- Good advice

Beard (dark-haired)- Betrayal

Bed (empty)- Disappointment, regret

Bed ((occupied)- Illness, Distress

Bed (made)- Rested, complete

Bed (unmsde)- Confusion, muddle, misinterpretation

Bed (get in)- Indecision, postponement, resistance

Bees- Completed task, accomplishment

Beggar- Block, sorrow, barrier

Bell- Good news, authority

Bell (alarm)- Wise warning

Belt- Faithfulness, devotion

Bicycle- Quick success, early achievement

Binoculars-Deception, lies

Biscuits- Joyful reunion

Bite- Hatred, jealousy, spite

Birth- Good fortune

Birds- Happy news

Birdcage- Accusation, slander

Blindness- Fraud, treachery

Blood- Illness, physical injury

Boar (wild pig)- Violence, strong enemies

Boat (capsized)- Serious worries

Boat (unmoving)- Good news, joy

Boat (sailing)- Successful journey

Bolt (across a door)- Secret pain

Bones- Catastrophe, Omen of despair

Bottle (full)- Pleasure, fun

Bottle (empty)- Setback, failure

Bottle (broken)- Major fight

Bouquet- Disappointment, regret

Bread (fresh)- Good fortune imminent

Bread (stale)- Tiredness, stress

Breast- Wealth, abundance, satisfaction

Bridge (crossed)- Happy solution, relief

Bridge (broken)- Difficulties present

Broom (sweeping)- Concern disclosed

Bumblebee- Carelessness, neglect

Burglar- Keeping a secret

Burial (another's)- Early marriage

Burial (your own)- Hidden illness

Burns (marks)- Victory, success

Bushes- Winning a difficult challenge

Butter- Positive omen, joy coming

Butterfly- Unfaithfulness, shallowness

Buttons (sewing on)- Marital bliss

Cage (empty)- Breakup, broken marriage

Cage (birds inside)- Troubles ended

Cake- Pleasant surprise, celebration

Camel- Manual labor

Camp- Relaxation, rest

Candle (wax)- Upcoming birth

Candle (burning)- Birth

Candle (blown out)- Upcoming death

Castle- Happy event

Castle (ruins)- Distress, financial woes

Cat- Betrayal, falseness

Caterpillar- Treason, corruption

Cave- Anguish, grief

Cavern- Deep sorrow, loss

Cemetery- Death announcement

Chain- Suffering, torment

Chariot- Assured reward, recognition

Charity (given)- Great joy

Charity (received)- Job loss, income cut

Cheese- Profit, financial gain

Cherries (sweet)- Romantic happiness

Cherries (bitter)- Emotional setback

Chestnuts (eating)- Work problem

Chestnuts (cooking)- Taken advantage of

Child (ugly)- Difficult personality, oppositional

Child (attractive)- Contentment, satisfaction

Child (sick)- Heart trouble

Child (disciplining)- Injustice, shame

Cider- Merriment, joy

Cloak- Protection, security

Clock- Business dealings

Cloister- Separation, remoteness

Clouds- Argument, quarrel

Coal- Success, winning

Coffee (drinking)s- Worries, tiredness

Coffee (spilled)- Upsets, mistakes

Coffee (beans)- Dire omen

Coffin- Recovery, safety

College- Joy, fun

Comedy- Laughing at you

Confinement- Prosperity, happiness

Convent- Despair, boredom

Cottage- Happy life

Cow- Abundance, prosperity

Crab- Separation, break-up

Cradle- Wish fulfilled

Crepe- Mourning at a young age

Crime (see one)- False fears

Crime (commit one)- Victory, success

Cross- Good fortune, triumph

Crowd- Appeal, nag

Crown (gold)- Vanity, arrogance

Crown (flowers)- Pleasure, simplicity

Crutches- Disability, accident

Cyclone- Disaster, catastrophe

Dancing (doing)- Exhilaration, celebration

Dancing (watching)- Bad omen, misfortune

Death (your own)- Good health, thriving

Death (another's)- Good omen for that person

Decoration- Honors, rewards

Derailment- Clutter, snarl, mess

Descent (abrupt)- Catastrophe, rebirth coming

Descent (slow)- Warning, guidance

Desert- Abandonment, solitude

Devil- Torment, danger

Dice- Lose everything, bad gamble

Discussion- alignment, agreement

Ditch (see one)- obstacle, roadblock

Ditch (fall in)- household worries

Ditch (jump over)- Triumph, joy

Doctor- Coming illness

Dog- faithful friendship

Dog (barking)- good omen

Dog (howling)- bad news

Doe- Victory, enemies defeated

Doll- superficial pleasure

Donkey- Hate, anger

Donkey (braying)- serious trouble

Drown- imminent danger

Drowning (see someone)- sorrow then joy

Drowning (save someone)- perform a service

Duck- anonymous source

Duel- unresolved dispute

Dung- Dishonor, mortify

Dungeon- fatality

Dwarf- Enemies, treachery

Eagle (flying)- Prosperity, abundance

Eagle (dead)- Ruin, destruction

Eagle (wounded)- Financial setback

Earthquake- Grave danger, sudden shock

Eclipse- Failure, demise

Eels- Near miss, plan awry

Eggs (broken)- Arguments, bad fortune

Eggs (whole)- Prosperity, abundance

Elephant- Absolute win

Embroidery- Contentment, quiet joy

Empress- Deadly pride, false vanity

Enemies- Be on guard

Exile- heartbreak, solitude

Eyes (beautiful)- Pure love

Eyes (evil)- bad situation

Face (pretty)- Enjoyable trip

Face (ugly)- Early death

Face (sad)- boredom, waste

Face (happy)- Joy, longevity

Faint- Illness coming

Fair (county)- Light-hearted

Fairy- Desires fulfilled, satisfaction

Fall- Confusion, weakness

Family- Joyous sign

Famine- Wasted effort

Fasting- False worries

Fear (feel it)- Cardiac problems

Feather- Frivolous, shallow

Fig- Platonic love, worship

Fighting- Business failures

Figures (no detail)- weariness, trauma

Fir- Loyalty, security

Fire (small)- Dangerous opponents

Fire (large, uncontained)- Great joy

Fire (light one)- Upcoming important event

Fire (over)- Sorrow, bitterness

Flag- Success, change

Fleas- worries, struggles

Flowers- Joy, love

Flowers (white)- Death

Flowers (red)- Recovery

Flowers (faded)- Disappointment

Flowers (give)- Friendship, kinship

Flowers (receive)- Kindness, comfort

Flight- triumph, reward

Foot (pain)- Damage, ruin

Fountain- Lasting happiness

Friend- Good omen

Frog- Foolishness, innocence

Funeral (your own)- Success, fame

Funeral (another's)- Good wishes

Gag- Betrayal, treachery

Gaiety- Sorrow ahead, grief

Gallows- Victory, winning

Gambling (losing)- Good omen, winning

Gambling (winning)- Bad omen, losing

Garden (dead)- Money tightness,

Garden (blooming)- Cheerful surprise

Ghost- Longevity, happiness

Ghost (speaking)- Wise advice

Ghost (pale)- Joy, comfort

Ghost (dark)- Sorrow, ill will

Giant- Egoism, over-ambition

Gloves (putting on)- Fun trip

Gloves (taking off)- Interruption, upset

Gloves (lose)- Mistake, costly error

Gloves (torn)- Humiliation

Glass (full)- Emotional message

Glass (empty)- Distress, financial ruin

Glass (broken)- Good omen, success

Goat (white)- unfaithfulness

Goat (black)- Bad luck ahead

God (hear)- Happiness, relief

God (see)- Assured victory

God (pray to)- Consolation

Gold- Lose money

Goose- Abundance, riches

Grasshopper- Coming loss

Grind (coffee)- Pleasant success

Grind (pepper)- Sadness, depression

Grind (corn)- Wealth, satisfaction

Guitar- Love revealed

Gulf- Strong warning

Gull- Safe journey

Gun- Temporary gain

Hail- Worries, stress

Halo- Honors, glory

Hammer- Incompetence, failure

Hammock (resting in)- Carelessness

Hammock (falling out of)- Unbalanced

Hand- Flattery, ego

Hand (cut off)- Loss of friend

Hand (dirty)- Interview

Hanged (another)- Pleasant surprise

Hanged (yourself)- Bad news coming

Harlequin- Mystery, puzzle

Harp- Pleasure, fun

Head (alive)- Good omen

Head (dead)- Ambush, Unpleasant surprise

Head (cut off)- Freedom, reprieve

Head (shaved)- Horrible omen

Hearse- Triumph, festivity

Hedge- Obstacle, difficulty

Hell- Arguments, stalemate

Hen (white)- Joy, merriment

Hen (black)- News, announcement

Hen (several)- Gossip, scandal

Hen (pecking)- Ruin, disaster

Heron- Failure, mistake

Heron (on one foot)- Good luck

Holly- Loyalty demonstrated

Honey- Business success

Horse (galloping)- Beginning success

Horse (falling)- Sad news

Horse (standing)- Good omen

Horseshoe- Safe journey

Hospital- Sorrow, disappointment

Hunchback- Happiness, contentment

Hunger- Useless efforts

Hunting- Hopeless quest

Hut- Isolation, peace

Hyacinth- Sincere affection

Ice- Traps, danger

Ice cream- Profitable gain

Idol- Bad luck omen

Illness- Sorrow, depression

Impasse- Foolish quest

Injury- Aid, comfort

Inn- Worries, hassles

Iron (hot)- Risk, danger

Island- Abandonment, solitude

Ivy- Loyalty, friendship

Jaguar- Danger, bad omen

Jam (see it)- Quarrels with friends

Jam (eat it)- Contentment (happy omen)

Jealousy (feel it)- Extreme happiness

Jewels- Financial concerns

Judge- Happy decision, clarity

Judges- Discordance, confusion, poor reasoning

Key- Missed opportunity

Killing- Fatality, end

Kiss- Betrayal, lies

Kitchen- Profitable venture

Knife- Danger, risk

Knot- Embarrassment, shame

Labyrinth- Secrets revealed, puzzle solved

Lace- Giddy, lighthearted

Ladder (climbing)- Patience, success

Ladder (descending)- Uncertain outcome

Ladder (falling off)- Complete failure

Lambs (cuddle)- Satisfaction, contentment

Lambs (butchering)- Menace, serious threat

Lamp (on)- Business clarity

Lamp (off)- suckered, victimized

Lantern- Be careful, caution

Lark (singing)- Good news

Lark (flying)- Wealth coming soon

Lark (caged)- Money loss

Laughter- Sorrowful news

Laurel (wreath worn)- Vanity, ego

Leaves (budding)- Coming birth

Leaves (dead)- Serious illness

Legs (pain)- Sorrow, mourn

Legs (amputated)- Sad news

Legs (prosthetic)- Loss of support

Letter (send)- Neglected friendship

Letter (received)- News coming promptly

Letter (anonymous)- Worries ahead

Letter (ripped)- Broken relationship

Light- Successful romance

Lighthouse- Protection, wise advice

Lightning (on right)- Happiness

Lightning (on left)- Discord, squabbling

Limp- Hard work rewarded

Linen (clean)- Gift, strong reputation

Linen (soiled)- Illness, death

Lion- Powerful enemy

Lizard- Wise distrust, caution

Lock- Theft, insecurity

Lottery- Bad luck, doom

Lyre- Hope, promises kept

Map- Long journey, voyage

Marble- Lost friendship, dying romance

Marriage- Death, end

Mask- Lies, treachery

Mass- Joy, strength

Meat- Exhilaration, surplus

Medal- Vanity, winning

Military uniform (wear)- Triumph

Military uniform (not wearing)- Disappointment

Milk (drink)- Quiet happiness

Milk (spill)- Improbable idea

Mill (turning)- Wealth, joy

Mill (stopped)- Useless effort, sorrow

Millstone- Huge effort

Money (find)- Troubles ahead

Money (lose)- Surprising success

Money (count)- Crucial gain

Money (spend)- Ruined prospects

Monk- Successful omen

Monkey- Ridicule, shame

Monster- Bad luck omen

Moon (full)- Delay, wait

Moon (crescent)- Betrayal, scorned

Mother- Good omen

Mountain (climb up)- Improvements

Mountain (go down)- Deteriorations

Mouse- Unpaid debt

Mud- Serious worry

Mule- Business problems

Museum- Intellectual satisfaction

Mushrooms- Protection, long-lived

Music (pleasant)- Good omen

Music (unpleasant)- Gossip

Nails (tool)- Unexpected news

Nails (finger- broken)- Pain, distress

Nakedness (own)- Poverty, defenseless

Nakedness (someone else)- Scandal, gossip

Necklace- Passing feeling, quick exit

Needles (sewing)- Bothers, worries

Nest (empty)- Profit, beginning

Nest (full)- Good luck omen

Nets (full)- Wealth, abundance

Nets (empty)- Poverty, lack

Nets (torn)- Disappointment, failure

Night (clear sky)- Success, happiness

Night (clouded sky)- Evil, bad luck

Numbers- Profit, gift

Nun- Protection, consolation

Nurse- Prosperity, blessing

Nuts- Hurdles conquered

Oak tree (cut)- Lose an ally

Oak tree (standing)- New friendship

Officer- Positive event, celebration

Old man- Family joy

Olives- Peace, harmony

One-eyed- Trouble to come

Oven (on)- Ease, affluence

Oven (off)- Distress, resistance

Owl- Avoid new things

Ox- Prosperity, joy

Oysters- Easy win

Palace- Sorrow, burdens

Pancakes- Happy surprise

Panther- Death, inevitable

Park (surroundings)- Pain, distress

Parrot- Scandal, gossip

Peacock- Misplaced pride

Peacock (tail spread)- Rich alliance

Pearl- Disillusion, betrayal

Peas- Happiness, pure love

Penknife- Domestic squabble

Pheasant- Joyous occasion

Pictures- Pleasurable omen

Pig- Damage, destruction

Pigeon- Sincerity, loyalty

Pin- Damaged ego

Pipe- Satisfaction, relief

Pipe (broken)- Argument

Pit (fall in)- Fatal omen

Pitchfork- Useless endeavor

Platform- Recognition, protection

Police- Safety, rely on another

Pond- Wealth, fortune

Poppies- Fun, enjoyment

Post (wooden)- Success

Poverty- Profits coming

Present(s)- Financial loss

Prison (go to)- Tiredness, depression

Prison (get out of)- Recovery, relief

Procession- Funeral

Pump- Difficulty, trouble

Purchase- Financial gain

Purse (full)- Money loss

Purse (empty)- Unexpected gain

Quail- Serious problems

Rabbit (white)- Success, friendship

Rabbit (black)- Setbacks, lies

Rabbit (eat)- Recovery, strengthen

Rabbit (kill)- Betrayal, deceit

Raft- Safety, refuge

Rain (light)- Difficulty, worry

Rain (heavy)- Abundance, excess

Rainbow- End of difficulties

Raisins (eat)- Tipsy, high

Rat- Hidden enemies, false friends

Razor- Dispute, argument

Reading- Pleasure, indulgence

Ring- Reconciliation, protection

Riot- Jealousies, worries

Road (wide)- Contentment, long-lived happiness

Road (narrow)- Deceit, entanglementss

Rocks- Troubles, burdens

Rose (give)- Sympathy, strength

Rose (receive)- Success, joy

Ruins- Sorrow, losses

Running- Victory, success

Safe (full)- Continuous trouble

Safe (empty)- Long-term success

Sailor- Danger, uncertainty

Sale- Financial loss

Salt- Positive omen

Salt (spill)- Sorrow, quarrels

Sand- Disappointment, uncertainty

Scaffold- Honors, prestige

Scale(s)- Legal issues

Scissors- Quarrel, end friendship

Scorpion- Serious loss, end

Scream- Bad news, unpleasant surprise

Sea (calm)- Joy, success

Sea (rough)- Anger, obstruct

Seat (wood)- Moderate success

Seat (stone)- Great success

Seat (plastic)- Passing success

Serenade- Jealousy, scorn

Shaving- loss of money

Sheep- Good omen

Sheets- Prosperity, comforts

Shelter (see it)- Loyal friend

Shelter (look for it)- Threat, danger

Shepherd- Perfect alignment

Shipwreck- Delays

Silver- Greed, frustration

Silk- Scandal, rumours

Singing (self)- Joy, high spirits

Singing (hear it)- Sorrows, burdens

Skating- Easy win, effortless

Skittles (game)- Pleasure

Slaughterhouse- Gain wealth, success

Smell (good)- Positive omen

Smell (bad)- Worries, strong anxiety

Smoke (going up)- Overcome difficulties, relief

Smoke (white)- Minor problems

Smoke (dark)- Deep sorrow

Snail- Slander, torment

Snake (see it)- Grudge, hatred

Snake (kill it)- Victory, advance

Snow- Love begins

Sorrow- Consolation, healing

Spider- Betrayal, lawsuit

Spinning wheel- Poverty, downtrodden

Spitting- Insult, condemn

Squabble- Affection, kindness

Stairs (go up)- Profitable endeavor

Stairs (go down)- Unemployment

Stairs (fall)- Illness omen

Stars (bright)- Happy destiny

Stars (dim)- Poverty, ruin

Stars (shooting)- Definite success

Stockings (silk)- Money coming

Stockings (with holes)- Coming money tightness

Stockings (remove)- Change of fortune

Straw- Wealth, abundance

Straw (on fire)- Money gone

Sugar- Betrayal, loss

Suitcase- Short trip

Sun (rise)- Joy, radiance

Sun (set)- Discord, struggles

Sun (high)- Success, triumph

Swan (swimming)- Huge success

Swan (white)- Prosperity, joy

Swan (black)- Worries, problems

Sweets (give)- Acceptance, reward

Sweets (receive)- Flattery, lies

Sweets (eat)- Out-of-control spending

Sword- Consolation, Victory, supremacy

Table- Comfort, reassurance

Tailor- Lead astray, betrayal

Tempest- Ambush, danger

Tent- Spur-of-the-moment, adventure

Thief- False friend, traitor

Thimble- Contentment, happiness

Thorn (prick)- Irritation, condemnation

Thorn (remove)- Success, winning

Thread (broken)- Bad omen

Thread (tangled)- Maximum efforts

Thread (on spool)- Lasting love

Thunder- Sadness, illness

Thunderstorm- Danger, threat

Tiger- Bad omen

Toad- Warning, concern

Tobacco- Temporary pleasures

Tomb- Long life, eternal

Tooth (growing)- Pregnancy

Tooth (falling out)- Friend or relative death

Torch (lit)- Happiness, joy

Torch (unlit)- Dishonor, shame

Tower- Success, overthrow

Toy- Lacking will, apathy

Tramp- Failure, defeat

Trap- Disloyalty, betrayal

Treasure- Disillusionment, despair

Trees (flowering)- Unexpected joy

Trees (fruit)- Prosperity, abundance

Trees (cut down)- Loved one lost

Trees (climbing up)- Wealth and glory

Trees (lightning strike)- Despair

Tunnel- Intense labor

Turkey- Bad errors

Turtle doves- Mutual affection

Umbrella (open)- Protection, support

Umbrella (closed)- Financial security, reserves

Umbrella (inside out)- Looming change, shift

Umbrella (lost)- abandon, discard

Umbrella (found)- Connection, help

Undress- Impulse, dishonor

Unfaithfulness- Lasting love

Uniform- Adventure, rebellion

Veil- Modesty, hidden strength

Veil (ripped)- Secret revealed, uncovered

Velvet- Wealth, recognition

Vengeance- Legal actions

Vermin (kill)- Meaningful gain

Vinegar- Jealousy, envy

Violin- Joyous love

Viper- Dangerous enemy

Virgin- Happiness, devotion

Visit- Injustice, unfairness

Visitor- Flattery, shallowness

Volcano (erupting)- Passion

Volcano (dead)- Danger, adventure

Vomit- Tremendous worry

Vulture- Grave illness

Vulture (killed)- Good luck

Walk (easy)- Triumph, win

Walk (hard)- Difficult victory

Walnut- Bad luck, danger

Wasp- Spite, viciousness

Water(clear)- Good health

Water (muddy)- Argument, fighting

Water (fresh)- Wealth omen

Water (swimming)- Overcome adversity

Water (flood)- Serious accident

Water (fall into)- Persecution, injustice

Waterfall- Abundance, overflowing

Weapon- Plot, conspiracy

Weasel- Dangerous female

Weathervane- Indecision, confusion

Wedding- Good news coming

Wheel- Change of fortune

Wheelbarrow- Poverty, misery

Whistle (hear it)- Danger, shame

Widow (become)- Long marriage, satisfaction

Wind (gentle)- Happiness, bliss

Wind (howling)- Misfortune, tragedy

Window (open)- Easy triumph

Window (closed)- Danger at hand

Window (broken)- Triumph, win

Wine- Happy old age

Wolf- Adversity, hardship

Wolf (kill)- Triumph, win

Women- Lies, betrayal

Women (pregnant)- Good news

Worms- Minor worries

Wound- Illness, infirmity

Wrinkles- Disillusionment, skepticism

Youth- Happy omen

Zoo- Misery, prison

Dream symbols are not as easy to figure out as you would think. If you scan the list above, you will notice that many of the symbols mean the exact opposite of what you would expect them to mean in your awake state.

A pleasant occurrence can be menacing, or something horrible can actually be an omen of good luck. Or they can mean what they seem. Its tricky. Do not assume, for instance, that drinking a cup of coffee is a happy, reassuring symbol, simply because you like coffee. (This is especially true, if the dream has left you feeling disturbed or unsettled.) Check the obvious dream symbols for clues about what your dream means.

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