Can Someone Read My Mind?

There is a lot to unpack in this question:

Can someone read my mind?

If you are asking because you believe that the people around you are reading your mind, the answer is, "No." Thinking that you are aware of people reading your thoughts is usually a symptom of a deeper illness. The term for this is thought broadcasting. This term is interesting because it puts the focus on the person having the thoughts, rather than on the people presumed to be reading them.

A man with broadcast waves around his head, looks alarmed, and says, "Why are they hearing my thoughts?""Can someone read my mind?" paranoia

A person experiencing thought broadcasting feels that they have no control over whether or not people know their thoughts. This is not true at all. Only you control your thoughts. You are stronger than you know.

The way this question is phrased is fairly defensive, and implies a fear that this might be happening. No one can read your thoughts unless this is something you want. You do not have to consciously deny admittance to your thoughts, either. Your deepest self knows who you are, and what your preferences about your thoughts are, every minute of every day that you are here, in this reality. It's kind of like breathing. You do not need to think about that every second, either.

However thoughts can have an independent existence, one that is not necessarily tied to a physical person.

Can someone read my mind after death?

So this can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. Can someone read your mind after you die?   Or,
  2. Can someone read your mind after they die?

To the first one, no, not exactly. After you die, you will not be having new thoughts here, anymore. However, the thoughts you did think (in the past) do hang around as independent entities. Depending on how powerful or useful these thoughts were, they can still influence people.

If they are low-level or random, stray thoughts, they probably will not last long. These types of thoughts are like annoying flies that people absentmindedly swat away. The more they are rejected, the quicker they dissipate.

Useful, high-level thoughts though, will last for many to receive. This is why life progresses in the long run (even with some short-term failures). Positive influences outlast negative ones.

To the second interpretation- that's just silly. Why would anyone, after moving on and being presented with a whole new set of conditions and experiences, need (or want) to go back to live through something that is now irrelevant to them?

If you reach out to a loved one that has moved on, they may or may not answer, but they could not intrude on your thoughts without an invitation from you.

Can someone read my theory?

If you are asking, "Can someone read my mind," because you want to know if that psychic ability is possible, then the answer is, "Probably." 

Scientists now claim they can do it. The way they describe how they 'read minds' actually sounds kind of clunky and clumsy, like they are trying to reverse engineer something that already occurs naturally. 

Nature is much more efficient. Resources combine and produce results in a way that seems effortless. No conscious effort is used or needed. It seems doubtful that scientists can replicate the process, exactly. Rather, they can simulate the reading of minds. That may be good enough for their purposes (whatever that may be). But it is not a true exercise of psychic powers.

Can someone read my mind, psychically?

The ability to do so exists of course. The question really is, is this happening? It is extremely unlikely that anyone who has NOT experienced other psychic events, could be aware of someone reading their mind. The ability to know this implies a familiarity, and an exercise and control of one's psychic powers.

If you have not experienced psychic events, such as:

  • just 'knowing' things that turned out to be true
  • repeatedly predicting a future happening
  • moving objects without touching them
  • healing people without giving them medical care

or other 'unexplainable' occurrences, a feeling that people are reading your mind probably has another explanation. Illness or coincidence are the most likely explanations. A simple (but not very scientific) way of discovering the truth, is to examine how you have been feeling since you thought people were reading your mind. Has your life been better, or worse? If it has been worse, perhaps you should do whatever you can to discard this idea. You need to focus on the things that can benefit you.

If you are certain that life has been positively affected by your belief that your thoughts are known to others, and you are NOT anxious about this, you may want to take this as a sign that you can explore other psychic powers.

So, unless you are very advanced psychically, and also unless you want someone reading your mind (with a complete understanding of possible outcomes) the answer is to the question, "Can someone read my mind?" is, "No!"

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