Love Psychic Advice: Knowing for Sure

The best love psychic advice is, it's all about you.

How to use your own powers to receive love psychic advice, and to gain clarity into your romantic relationships.

First you have to realize that you are the focus of any psychic advice about your love life, not the person who is your love interest.

It is your feelings that count, when assessing any psychic love advice. How does thinking about this advice make you feel?

If you feel sadness, anger or anything in that negative range when you think about the advice, don't do it. It is not real psychic advice if it makes you feel bad.

Realize that you are receiving authentic psychic advice constantly without even knowing it, and many times you are even acting on it.

Have you ever had a thought pop into your head and followed through without giving it a second thought? Generally this happens when it is something unimportant, something that has no emotional baggage attached to it. But it is also possible to receive positive psychic advice on a subject where you are emotionally invested, like a love relationship.

This takes some training, but if you closely monitor your reactions to your thoughts and events in your life, you can learn to psychically receive advise about love. 

How to train yourself to receive love psychic advice 

The first step is psychic meditation. Before you can hear any advice given to you by your psychic guide or given in a love psychic reading, you need to clear your mind and get rid of all your emotional baggage. Once you have practiced this and achieved clarity, you can open yourself to achieving your goal.

What is your goal?

Your goal for a relationship (and for anything else) is to be happy. Nothing else makes sense.

In order for you to be happy, you need to evaluate the positive elements in your relationship to see if they are enough for you. Focus on the positive to see whether you can reach the conclusion that you are loved. You cannot be happy if this is in doubt, and you cannot reach this conclusion by focusing on the negatives.

Focusing on positives has another benefit. It will always raise your psychic energy levels, so that you are better prepared to receive any love psychic advice.

Love psychic advice exercise

One way to focus on the positives is to take a symbolic journey, a quest to reach your goal of knowing that you are loved (because that is how you are happy within a relationship).

1.  Draw a large circle and put a smaller circle in the middle.

2.  Write your goal in the smaller circle. 

3.  Draw lines from the inner circle to the edge of the larger one, so         that you are dividing the larger circle into segments.

4.  Inside each segment (at the edge of the large circle) write a                   positive statement that you know to be true.

If you can't think of anything positive (assuming you're in a calm, reflective mood and are really trying) you probably have your answer about the viability of your love relationship.

This is a sample image of how it should be done:

Love psychic advice exercisePsychic love exercise

Your task is to see if you can make a path from the positive statements you wrote, to your goal in the center (knowing that you are loved).

The way you do this is to go from your specific statements on the edge, to more general ones that logically follow from the first ones, and these must feel true as well to you (as a condition for adding them). 

1.  Write a more general positive statement in each segment (closer to the center of the circle) that you think is a logical jump that feels right.

2. In some cases, this next statement will lead you directly to your goal. You will instantly understand (and feel) that this more general true statement means that you are loved.

3. If this next statement does not immediately bring you to the goal, you have to think in even more general terms about what it means. Then write your next conclusion, progressing towards the center of the circle.

4. Continue this until you have reached your goal for each segment.

The diagram below shows the next stage, with some segments complete and others till in progress:

love psychic advice partially completed exercisePartially completed love psychic advice exercise

What does this exercise accomplish?

It forces you to objectively consider your situation under the most favorable conditions for receiving psychic help. No love relationship can endure without a positive, optimistic outlook. If you are unable to think of 6-12 positive statements about how your love makes you feel, you may have your answer right there.

The clearest love psychic advice you will ever receive is that you have to visualize your love interest the way you did when you first realized you were in love. If you can do that, even in the face of your current problems, your visualization can become actualized.

What you feel, at any time is your reality. If it feels bad, it is bad. And if you cannot make yourself feel better, then it is just not going to get better.

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