A Psychic for Free

Become a psychic for free by using your own natural powers to see whatever you need.

Your psychic for free is nearer than you think it is.  Everyone has latent psychic abilities that can be activated, so you can be your own psychic.  And when you are completely in tune with your powers, you can reach for them at any time, at no cost.

Think about how much more you can rely on your own knowledge of your life, and your own honesty as a basis for psychic trust, rather than using a free psychic of unknown abilities.

As far as money goes, there is a common misconception that accepting money for psychic services damages your powers.  This is not true.  Psychics who are able to harness and control their powers have valuable skills.  These psychics have been sought out for thousands of years and have either been paid for their services, or maintained by a patron, with no damaging effects.

(But someone who pretends to have psychic powers and charges money for that, will experience negative effects.)

The point is, "free" does not guarantee better.

Psychic for Free: Get More Value

How much value do you think you will be getting from any of these if you use them?

1.  Free psychic email reading

  • Your psychic will have no personal knowledge of, or connection with you or your situation.
  • Your psychic will have no physical presence to stimulate the flow of impressions. 
  • Your psychic will have no visual or auditory clues.  (A psychic's physical senses work in conjunction with their non-physical ones).

2.  Chat free online psychic

This one is slightly better, because at least the psychic is there in real time.  But they still have:

  • no personal knowledge
  • no physical presence
  • no visual or auditory ("Chat" is IM.)

3.  Free phone psychics

This one is better still, because at least the psychic can hear your voice.  But they still have:

  • no personal knowledge
  • no physical presence
  • no visual information

Face it, there's never going to be a free option that allows you to make an appointment to see a real, live psychic, in person.

A small shift in perspective, and the use of a conditioning routine can activate your own psychic powers.  And these lessons are free to anyone who wants to become their own psychic.

Your Psychic Perspective

How do you shift to your psychic perspective?  Well, any negativity surrounding you has to be eliminated.   Your thoughts, emotions, and physical body all have to be at a high level.  If they are not, you will not  be able to receive or accomplish anything useful.

So your first step (if you are not at a high level) is to get there.  You do this by:

  • practicing meditation to clear your mind
  • controlling your thoughts- Yes, you can discipline yourself to focus only on positive, uplifting thoughts.  Redirect your thoughts immediately if anything negative creeps in.
  • noticing your emotions- they are your guide to how well your mind and body are doing
  • being aware of the signs and manifestations that come about as a result of your thoughts- some subtle, some blatant

For instance:  You are driving at night, and you notice how clear the sky looks.  An idle, stray thought pops into your mind , that it would be a great night for fireworks (even though its not even near the fourth of July).  You drive a couple of miles, turn a corner, and...

psychic for free fireworks surprise

Your Psychic Conditioning

How do you condition yourself to awaken your psychic abilities?  There are many exercises on this site to stimulate your unused senses.  It may take awhile to open up this channel, but my best tip for speeding it along is to develop an appreciation for nature.

You may think you already do, but let's build in some structure so that you have a regimen you can follow.  (Routines are very helpful to any kind of conditioning.)  This will help it become automatic, so that whenever you step outside, it will kick in.  (And pretty soon, even if you hate the outdoors, you will find yourself looking for excuses to get out there.

  • Go outside every day, directly after you meditate.  If you can't do that for some reason, go stand in front of a window- close enough for a complete view of the outside.
  • Stay out for 15 minutes.
  • Express your verbal appreciation of what you are seeing, feeling smelling, and hearing (but not about anything man-made).  It's much more powerful if you say it out loud, but if you can't, just think it.

Your primary goal with any psychic conditioning, is to open your senses and allow the impressions to come to you.  Your secondary goal is to be able to notice and interpret them.

Read and try the exercises from these sections:

Some of this information will surely resonate, and you will realize that you can be your own psychic for free.

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