Your Psychic Guide Revealed:
Making the Connection

Unlock infinite knowledge and positive guidance.

Your psychic guide has all of the knowledge and accumulated wisdom since the beginning of time.  How can you tap into this?

By feeling your way towards your guide.

The source of this knowledge will not come to you; you have to be the one to make the spiritual journey to it.

Remember playing the find it game, where someone would guide you by saying, "You're getting warmer..." Finding your psychic guide is similar, except that you have to feel when you're getting warmer.

Reach for your guide by consciously seeking thoughts that are more positive than the ones you are accustomed to. Your thoughts have feelings attached to them, whether you are aware of them or not. And these feelings are what create the connection to your psychic guide.

So, your first step is...Let each thought become one that is just a little more positive than whatever the last one was on the subject. Just stop and think about how you can frame the thought you just had into one that will serve you better.

It takes practice, at first. But this is something that you can do. You just have to consciously stop (as often as you can) and review your thoughts. Are they useful to you? Can you get where you want to go (a positive frame of mind) using them, or can you do better? Feel your way through it like a maze, one move at a time. You want to get to the best feeling place you can get to, but still believe what you are thinking is true.

If a thought does not feel likely or possible, it does you no good to think it. Twist it and turn it into something that you know is right.

You cannot reach your psychic guide from a negative place, and you cannot just say the "right" words-- they have to feel true, believable and real to you.

How do you know your psychic guide is near?

This is very important, for two reasons.

1. So you know when you can gain valuable insight/knowledge.

2. So you can enhance its value (increasing the benefits and prolonging the effects) by acknowledging that you are near your guide.

There are two general ways of knowing, with a subset of more specific ones (that may not apply to everyone).

  1. How do you feel?  When you feel filled to overflowing with any of the happier emotions, such as:
  • Love
  • Appreciation
  • Contentment
  • Joy

           Then you are in sync with your psychic guide.

       2.  How are things going for you? Does it seem as though everything is breaking your way, that you can't take a wrong step?

           Then you are in sync with your psychic guide.

More specific clues that your psychic guide is near:

Not everyone will experience these things, but if you do, take it as confirmation that you are near to your psychic guide. I've already described the all-important emotional connection with your guide.

These are some physical sensations you may experience:

  • shivers or goosebumps (without feeling cold)
  • feather-light touches on your head or shoulders
  • lightheadedness
  • feelings of warmth flowing through you

These are some situations that may happen to you:

  • Objects, people or symbols that you casually thought of are repeatedly shown to you (in surprising ways) throughout your daily routine.
  • Members of the animal kingdom (not your pets) interact with you in unusually close encounters, like this:

A psychic messenger or butterfly lands on your hand.A Psychic Messenger?

  • Unusual events occur, and you feel no surprise at all when they happen. (This is almost, but not quite like deja vu.) You may find yourself wondering why you are so accepting of these weird things.

It is important to recognize these moments. Pause in what you are doing or thinking, and simply acknowledge that you are (in that moment) close to your psychic guide. If you can, speak your appreciation out loud. Verbal affirmations are always more powerful.

Then simply wait for the answers or inspiration to come. Thoughts will come to you, seemingly out of nowhere. Don't dismiss them, let them play out. When you get something that is amazingly successful, acknowledge that too.

The worst word ever invented is the word coincidence. There are no coincidences. We live in a universe that is based on cause and effect. Everything has a cause, and everything has an effect. 'Coincidence' drains all meaning from events, and everything means something. Counteract the negativity behind the idea of coincidences as much as you can in your everyday life. Verbal affirmations of what you see and experience are the best way to do this.

Success breeds success. Each time you reach your guide (and acknowledge doing so) your chances for more encounters increase. Every encounter has a multiplier effect, so it gets easier and easier.

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