Is Your Psychic Real or Fake?

Psychic real or not? Use these clues to tell if anyone is using their psychic powers.

Psychic real or pretend? Everyone has real psychic powers-- even pretend psychics. But they may not be using their powers (being convinced that they do not exist).

So, how do you know?

They're not going to wear signs saying, "I'm just pretending," although they might as well be, to those that can tell the difference.

Psychics who are aware of their powers have certain things in common. If you know what to look for, you can answer the question, "Is your psychic real?"

Real Psychic Clothing

These clues work for a psychic online reading, or for an actual, in-the-flesh meeting with one.

1.  Psychics cannot bear to wear tight clothing. If your psychic is wearing any type of clothing that hugs their body, chances are that person is faking it. Psychics like to wear loose-fitting things, no skinny jeans or turtlenecks.

2.  Psychics do not like to wear heavy clothing. If your psychic is wearing a bulky sweater, or layers of clothes, they would be feeling really uncomfortable if they were regularly using their powers.

3.  Psychics cannot tolerate any type of head gear.  This includes hats of any kind, helmets, headbands, or anything that feels like it is weighing down or constricting the head.

4.  Psychics hate wearing synthetic fibers.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the clothing you are looking at is natural or not, but there are times when it is obvious that the material is synthetic. Psychics would never voluntarily wear anything that was not made of natural fiber.  

Real Psychic Adornments

Psychic Real: Jewelry

1.  Most real psychics have favorite pieces they like to wear, things that emphasize their individual, true selves. Generally they favor silver, rather than gold-- probably because gold feels too heavy (not physically, so much as psychically).

2. Real psychics like wearing semi-precious stones, rather than precious ones. Most stones are worn because the psychics feel a personal connection with them. They are not just strictly for adornment.

Psychic Real: Perfume or Cologne

Real psychics are generally not comfortable with wearing scent. If perfume is worn, it is because it is a scent that the psychic strongly identifies with. Certainly a psychic would never wear anything cheap or overpowering.

It is possible that a scent could be part of a psychic's ritual preparation for a reading. Scent could help to nudge the psychic into the right frame of mind (or trance) for a better outcome.

But if you are in the presence of a psychic and you smell a scent that you recognize as a popular cheap cologne, available at any department store, then that is an indication that person is not relying on their legitimate psychic powers.

Psychic Real: Scarves and Neckties

Just- no. As mentioned above, real psychics would find these too constricting.

Psychic Real: Glasses

There is nothing about being psychic that makes it more or less likely that eyeglasses might be needed. So wearing glasses is just as common among psychics as non-psychics.

Having said that, don't be surprised if your psychic goes into the session with their glasses on, but takes them off for the reading. Sometimes physical clarity is just a distraction for your psychic senses.

Psychic Real: Physical Aids

In general, psychics who are up to speed with their powers tend to be physically healthy and fit. If they have illnesses or conditions that require mobility assistance tools (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.) these are usually conditions that they were born with, or that were the result of childhood injuries or illnesses.

Older psychics understand how to nurture their psychic abilities to protect their physical bodies, and prevent damage to themselves.

Physical problems only impair psychic ability if the psychic allows them to. Pain can be ignored; it takes a stronger degree of concentration on something else, but it can be done. Some higher-level psychics even use their pain to project themselves into a stronger grasp on their powers.

Real Psychics- Movements

Real psychics are not clumsy.  They are self-assured and their movements reflect that. They are quick and sure-footed. They tend not to drop or spill things, and they are excellent drivers.

Psychics are spatially-aware people. They tend not to get lost, or to lose objects (probably because they understand that there is no such thing as "lost"). They move deliberately, with no wasted motion.


Psychics speak very quickly, and they don't like to slow down, because it really impedes the flow of their impressions. We are taught to release these impressions (by speaking about them) as quickly as possible so that more can gather.

If your psychic seems hesitant in their speech or even non-talkative, that is not a good sign. When psychics are not receiving any useful impressions (and they know what is useful and what isn't) they have to be truthful and tell their clients, not dissemble. If they try to be deceptive about this, their powers will suffer- and true psychics know this.

The content of what they are saying, is of course the most important aspect of their speech. A psychic should not be asking for personal information. This includes  direct questioning, as well as leading the conversation into particular areas. Your psychic needs to have your input to get impressions, but they should be able to hear what is not being said as well as what you are actually saying.


If you communicate with your psychic using email, it can be more difficult to discern whether or not they are really using their powers. Professionalism can conflict with what comes naturally to a psychic. It really goes against the grain to force all the ideas that are crashing in simultaneously through different channels, into a logical, cogent, cohesive, calm report.

But if they wrote completely incoherent emails, people would never consult them again. So, reviewing and editing takes some of the natural spontaneity out of their emails to clients.

To judge whether your psychic is really using their powers when you are reading what they wrote, you have to rely on your impressions. Is there anything in their writing that resonates with you? Do you experience, "That feels right," maybe for no reason that you can explain logically?

Even if it is only one sentence or phrase that feels on target, you can believe that your psychic has received some genuine psychic impressions.

Is Your Psychic Real: A Rating Scale

In order to help you identify whether or not your psychic is really using their abilities for your reading, I developed this rating scale. As all the listed characteristics are undesirable, each is assigned negative rating points. The greater the negative total, the less likely it is that your psychic is using their powers for your reading.

Characteristic Score
Tight clothing -2
Heavy clothing -2
Headgear -3
Synthetic materials -2
Gold jewelry -1
Heavy perfume -3
Neckwear -2
Glasses on -1
Physical aids -1
Clumsy movements -3
Hesitant speech -3
Off-target writing -2
Negative feeling -3


   0 to   -9 = Probably using their psychic abilities

-10 to -19 = Reason to doubt they're using psychic abilities

-20 to -28 = Probably not using their psychic abilities

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