Psychic Accuracy, 100% of the Time

Receive perfect psychic insight by following some simple rules.

You may have heard that complete psychic accuracy is impossible to achieve. This is not strictly true. All it takes is discipline, achieved by practicing the correct preparatory steps over and over until they are an ingrained habit. At this point, your ability to receive accurate insights will be automatic and unthinking.

Always remember that psychic precision comes from having the right mindset to allow your perceptions to flow. And this is how you achieve that mindset...

Rules for Psychic Accuracy Mindset

1.  Meditation

Meditate every day, early as you can, for about 15 minutes. See these 'rules' for best practices for clairvoyance meditation. Your goal here is to empty your mind of all thoughts and feelings. This discipline over your wandering mind, and all its concerns with everyday life, is absolutely necessary to achieve before attempting any psychic reading. You cannot receive psychic impressions with any guarantee of accuracy unless you can control unwanted thoughts.

Think of meditation as your reset button. It gives you the opportunity to get rid of all the psychic clutter you have accumulated in the past 24 hours...things that might interfere with your accuracy.

Each day (if you stay determined to conquer your stray thoughts) you will achieve longer and longer periods of control, until you have reached the full 15 minutes of detachment.

Do not trust your psychic impressions until you have reached this point.

2.  Appreciation

After you meditate, go outside for 5 minutes. You should be already feeling pretty care-free and lighthearted from meditating, so it won't take much to push you into an appreciative frame of mind. Psychic ability is always amplified in someone who is surrounded by nature.

psychic appreciation through a roseUsing a rose for psychic appreciation.

It does not matter if your surroundings are not terribly picturesque, or if the weather is bad. You can always find something to appreciate in the natural world, whether its a leaf, a raindrop or just the fresh air.

Appreciate! Be vocal, effusive, over-the-top. You can never show too much enthusiasm; the more, the better. If you are lucky you may encounter some animal life, a bird, or a squirrel, to admire and enjoy.

One of the preconditions for psychic accuracy is a raised vibration. The best way to accomplish this is to appreciate life in the moment, every chance you can.

If you are in a joyful, satisfied to the core of your being frame of mind, it is time to move onto the next step. If you are not feeling blissful, stop and try again the next day. Never push to do a reading. Your psychic precision depends on raising your vibration beyond your  norm.

3.  Contemplation

Whether you are reading for yourself or for another person, you need to establish an affinity with your/their inner self. Do not focus on the transitory details of life. These problems or questions are unimportant at this stage, and you need no knowledge of them.

You must focus beyond actions and beyond personality, onto what is the essence of the individual in question. Peel back the layers that are masking who this person really is, and you cannot help but reveal the truth about them, with 100% accuracy. Focus on the individual you are reading for, see them for who they really are.

The outer flesh-and-blood being is the illusion, not the reality. When you can feel their real presence, you will know by the response you get from that being. 

*Note*  When you are trying to establish a bond with someone's real self, it is helpful to focus on their positive aspects only. These positives should include not only their past and current attributes, but also their potential future ones. Always start out with a general impression and then move towards the specific factors that make this person unique. You are looking for a psychic fingerprint...dig until you find it. 

*These first three steps can be combined if it is convenient and it feels right.

4.  Connection

As mentioned above, you know that you are ready to achieve psychic accuracy when you receive a clear response from the being you are trying to contact, whether that being is the actual you, or someone sitting next to you, or someone you have never met, perhaps thousands of miles away.

What form does this response take?

The response can vary from psychic to psychic. Some experience physical touches to make them aware that a connection has been made. Others can hear a response, clear to them but not to anyone else. Still others experience the connection as pure thought or pure emotion, placed within the psychic by another entity.

As long as you know with 100% certainty that this touch, sound, thought, emotion, etc. has not been generated by you or anyone else physically present, you understand that you have established the necessary rapport for an accurate psychic reading.

There is one other sign that you can count on to be confident that your psychic accuracy is on target. 

You should be feeling elated, joyful, and eager to start.

Your emotions are your true indication of the level of psychic power that is available to you in any moment. To be 100% accurate in your translations, your psychic energy level needs to be abundant.

Psychic Accuracy...Reception

This article has so far mainly dealt with achieving psychic accuracy from the reader's perspective.

But what if the focus of the reading is another person and you are that person? If you have contacted a psychic and are getting a reading, how can you be certain that what you are hearing is 100% accurate?

Well, to begin with, see "Is your psychic real?" to eliminate the frauds.

Once you have identified someone that you believe is really using their psychic powers, you can prepare for the reading in the exact same way that is discussed above. Why? Because there is no real distinction to be made between the reader or the client as far as their potential psychic abilities. The accuracy of the information revealed depends entirely on the strength of the connection that is made.

A strong psychic can compensate for a subject who is not as aware of their psychic abilities, but it is always more beneficial for both parties to raise their energy levels. An accurate psychic reading will resonate for both parties. So if you are getting a reading, use these instructions to prepare in advance. Even a few days of focusing on them will improve the psychic accuracy of your reading.

If anything feels off or you are uneasy for any reason, stop the reading! An accurate reading should always be an uplifting experience (regardless of the information obtained). It should feel good. If it doesn't, it won't be accurate, and it will be worthless. Better to stop and try again another time, maybe with another psychic.

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