What Does My Dream Mean?

What does my dream mean if it leaves me with a definite emotion, as if it really happened?

What does my dream mean if I remember it for days afterwards, even though I usually have no memory of dreaming?

What does my dream mean if I recognize parts of it as they actually happen, even if they are not quite the same? 

These are all indications of psychic dreams

What does my dream mean? Attention!Psychic Dream...Incoming

Psychic dreams DEMAND your attention. It is never a good idea to laugh them off and pretend they mean nothing. They are communications from or made possible by a higher plane of life and activity.

There are several types of psychic dreams:

  • the telepathic dream
  • the clairvoyant dream
  • the premonitory dream
  • the spirit communication dream

Telepathic dreams

These are communications between the sleeping mind and the (physically) distant, living mind of another person. You know that it is a telepathic dream when the information you have received has been verified. In addition, you cannot possibly have known this information in advance of the dream. 

The information should be factual, regardless of any emotion it may cause you to feel. Happy or sad news, it has to be real news to you.

Clairvoyant dreams

These are dreams in which you view scenes or events (which you may or may not be a part of) and they subsequently come to pass. To be clear, the dreams cannot be simply true events from the past or present (which you had no prior knowledge of).

They have to be things which have not happened up to the time of the dream.

Premonitory dreams

These are similar to clairvoyant dreams in that they predict the future, but they are not limited to envisioning it. A premonitory dream is one that is communicated using mainly symbols.

So, how can you know the difference?

When you have a premonitory dream, the symbols within it carry a higher emotional weight. It is as if your emotions are telling you, "This thing (whatever it is) is important." 

Spirit communication dreams

In these dreams, a discarnate spirit (one who has no physical body) appears to the dreamer, and delivers a message. It can be a departed loved one, someone the dreamer does not know, or even a spirit that had never been physically existent. 

This type of communication is not rare. It is easier for a spirit to make contact with someone in sleep mode. In these cases, accuracy is in the eye of the beholder. There is generally no objective way to verify the message.

What does my dream mean...control

It is possible to gain some level of control over which kind of dreams you receive. If you can catch yourself in the act of falling asleep (which is easier for those who experience a gradual loss of consciousness, rather than an instant one) you can then focus on your desire to achieve a certain outcome from a dream.

You could ask for:  emotional help, physical relief, financial assistance, spiritual guidance...anything at all. But the flow of communication is most effective when you are letting go, into a trance/sleep state.

As you become more familiar with your psychic powers, you will find that you are remembering more and more of your dreams. This is normal; barriers are thinning.

It is a useful thing to note, both as a simple way of checking your psychic progress and for getting some positive reinforcement. But do not pursue it as a goal. It is something of a rabbit hole, and an easy distraction from your real psychic work.

What does my dream mean...reality mirrored

One thing to remember is that in some fashion, dreams reflect reality. It may be a distorted version of what is really happening, but there is definitely a relationship between events/people/places and whatever dreams you have.

This relationship extends throughout space and time, so it can really be difficult to pin down an association. Your best guidance is how you feel, emotionally throughout the dream AND how you feel afterwards about it. Sometimes, even though the events or the setting of a dream can be bleak or sad, you are left with a feeling of inspiration or even joy. Your dreams (sometimes even more than reality) can inform you about the state of your path in life.

What does my dream mean...SYMBOLS

Like everything else (besides raw emotion) your dreams use symbolism to convey meaning. And symbols in a psychic dream are the same as in any other psychic work. The most important thing to remember is that the symbolism involves more than the actual object or subject in a dream. The context or situation surrounding the object might create the meaning. Here are some commonly accepted types of dream symbols:


Type/Situation Meaning
General Joy, love
White Death
Red Recovery
Received Kindness
Giving Friendship
Garden Pleasant surprise
Faded Disappointed hope
Hyacinth Sincere affection
Poppy Pleasure, amusement
Rose (giving) Bestowing sympathy
Rose (receiving) Worldly success
Flowering tree Unexpected pleasure


Number Meaning
1 Skill leading to success
2 Mysterious or tangled
3 fruitfulness of current plans
4 Continuation or stability
5 Inspiration to come
6 Love to come
7 Protection
8 Receive justice
9 Warning to be careful
10 Personal change
11 Rewarded efforts
12 Trouble ahead
13 A conclusion
14 Transformation
15 Logical results
16 Danger coming
17 Hope arrives
18 Shadows, darkness
19 Solution coming
20 Unexpected event
21 Foolish act
22 Total success

(If you dream a number that is higher than 22, add the digits until you get a number equal to or less than 22.)


Type Meaning
Amber Assets
Amethyst Contentment
Beryl Good news involving love
Coral Danger involving water
Cornelian Victory
Diamond Success in business
Emerald Intellectual success
Garnet An ending
Jet Solitude
Lapis Lazuli Satisfaction in relationships
Malachite Danger averted
Opal Evil omen
Ruby Impulsive act
Sapphire Favor received
Topaz Triumph
Turquoise Wise action

Understanding your dreams will not increase your psychic powers. But the reverse is true- As your psychic powers increase, so will your number of psychic dreams, and you will have a greater instinctive understanding of them. Just remember, feelings count more than knowledge for everything psychic, including dreams.

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