Printable List of Tarot Card Meanings

A printable list of tarot card meanings provides a quick source of ideas for your own individual interpretation.

Here is a handy tarot card meanings list to get your psychic juices flowing.  The meanings listed here are intentionally short and simple. 

If every interpretation by tarot experts was included, each card would need several books.  The list is intended only to stimulate your own ideas.

This list contains meanings for all 78 tarot cards in the upright position.

Tarot Card Definitions

Major Arcana

0 The Fool- Beginnings, Innocence, Impulsiveness, Newness

I The Magician- Power, Self-actualization, Realization, Confidence

II The High Priestess- Mystery, Intuition, Patience, Duality

III The Empress- Materialism, Fertility, Protection, Satisfaction

IV The Emperor- Structure, Order, Security, Discipline

V The Hierophant- Tradition, Institutions, Knowledge, Rules

VI The Lovers- Harmony, Divine, Blessed, Trust

VII The Chariot- Force, Emotion, Control, Victory

VIII Strength- Character, Courage, Conviction, Endurance

IX The Hermit- Isolation, Enlightenment, Sacrifice, Transformation

X Wheel of Fortune- Destiny, Change, Foretelling, Cycles

XI Justice- Law, Reflection, Authority, Fairness

XII The Hanged Man- Choice, Passivity, Relinquishing, Attainment

XIII Death- Transition, Progress, Necessity, Inevitability

XIV Temperance- Reconstruction, Moderation, Balance, Integration

XV The Devil- Corruption, Indulgence, Ignorance, Resistance

XVI The Tower- Destruction, Necessity, Cleansing, Foundation

XVII The Star- Comfort, Divinity, Faith, Rejuvenation

XVIII The Moon- Illusion, Deception, Subconscious, Perception

XIX The Sun- Clarity, Redemption, Success, Celebration

XX Judgment- Rebirth, Integration, Development, Restoration

XXI The World- Completion, Victory, Achievement, Affirmation

Minor Arcana


Ace of swords- Power, Insight, Clarity, Achievement

Two of swords- Stalemate, Barriers, Defensiveness, Stubbornness

Three of swords- Betrayal, Grief, Pain, Challenge

Four of swords- Rest, Recovery, Truce, Quiet

Five of swords- Disillusion, Deception, Spoils, Resignation

Six of swords- Escape, Balance, Guidance, Renewal

Seven of swords- Cunning, Guile, Confidence, Indecision

Eight of swords- Entrapment, Helplessness, Self-discipline, Courage

Nine of swords- Regret, Anguish, Apprehension, Distortion

Ten of swords- Disaster, Karma, Ending, Rebirth

Page of swords- Insight, Perception, Subtlety, Unraveling

Knight of swords- Suddenness, Hostility, Fearlessness, Invincibility

Queen of swords- Clarity, Intuition, Honesty, Wisdom

King of swords- Judgment, Incorruptibility, Ability, Activity


Ace of pentacles- Resources, Goals, Gifts, Wealth

Two of pentacles- Balance, Change, Flexibility, Restraint

Three of pentacles- Service, Cooperation, Potential, Fulfillment

Four of pentacles- Gain, Greed, Hoarding, Selfishness

Five of pentacles- Misfortune, Materialism, Comfort, Salvation

Six of pentacles- Generosity, Discernment, Kindness, Rewards

Seven of pentacles- Choices, Reflection, Harvest, Accomplishment

Eight of pentacles- Dedication, Security, Application, Experience

Nine of pentacles- Abundance, Perfection, Satisfaction, Self-worth

Ten of pentacles- Sharing, Gifts, Inheritance, Legacy

Page of pentacles- Responsibility, Opportunity, Preservation, Knowledge

Knight of pentacles- Success, Character, Assessment, Loyalty

Queen of pentacles- Nurturing, Security, Generosity, Trustworthiness

King of pentacles- Stability, Wealth, Profitability, Competence


Ace of cups- Love, Potential, Intuition, Spirituality

Two of cups- Harmony, Connection, Partnership, Reservation

Three of cups- Joy, Success, Community, Blessings

Four of cups- Carelessness, Disappointment, Moderation, Discernment

Five of cups- Sadness, Grief, Imbalance, Hope

Six of cups- Memories, Inspiration, Fertility, Simplicity

Seven of cups- Choice, Delusion, Temptation, Prudence

Eight of cups- Stagnation, Apathy, Self-discovery, Sacrifice

Nine of cups- Satisfaction, Abundance, Happiness, Peace

Ten of cups- Serenity, Completion, Blessedness, Joy

Page of cups- Imagination, Beginnings, Compassion, Romanticism

Knight of cups- Calmness, Idealism, Messages, Seduction

Queen of cups- Insight, Healing, Magnetism, Secrecy

King of cups- Sympathy, Diplomacy, Indecisiveness, Moderation


Ace of wands- Energy, Creativity, Health, Unpredictability

Two of wands- Application, Cohesiveness, Willpower, Control

Three of wands- Strength, Success, Teamwork, Self-respect

Four of wands- Achievement, Rest, Order, Reinvestment

Five of wands- Conflict, Conscience, Priorities, Strategy

Six of wands- Recognition, confidence, dedication, arrogance

Seven of wands- Bravery, Morality, Conviction, Readiness

Eight of wands- Energy, Speed , power, transformation

Nine of wands- Stamina, Vigilance, Progress, Potential

Ten of wands- Burden, Responsibility, Determination, Release

Page of wands- Catalyst, Creation, Conception, Fearlessness

Knight of wands- Daring, Support, Spontaneity, Exuberance

Queen of wands- Ambition, Constancy, Stubbornness, Guidance

King of wands- Vision, Leadership, Compassion, Idealism

Reversed Tarot Cards Meaning List

The word, 'reversed' is misleading. (This is the most common way people refer to tarot cards that are upside down when displayed.)  What I mean by misleading is that the word reversed leads your thoughts down a path that is simply not true.

Meanings for these cards are not reversed, inversed or in any way 'upside down'. With tarot cards, what you see is what you get. The actual picture (whatever it may seem to be) is the meaning.

Tarot cards that are turned around are part of an entirely separate deck of tarot cards. (Some esoterics believe that they are the true deck.)

For instance:

Ace of Swords Reversed

The Ace of Swords meaning is Power, Insight, Clarity, Achievement. If the meaning were reversed, this picture would symbolize impotence, ignorance, obscurity and defeat. Does this picture look like any of those things? What do your eyes tell you? And it is not a weaker version of the upright card, either (as some people interpret reversed tarot cards). Having the rays of light emanating at the top of the card instead of the bottom, could not possibly mean it is weaker.

Now you know one way of telling if a source is really an authority on Tarot. Just check and see what they say about reversed cards.

The following list contains meanings for all 78 reversed tarot cards.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Major Arcana

0 The Fool- Pathways, Discovery, Guidance, Promise

I The Magician- Complete, Permanence, Force, Element II The High Priestess- Duality,Mystery, Intricate, Contained

III The Empress- Female, Opulence, Security, Permanence

IV The Emperor- Rigid, Impenetrable, Shielded, Silent

V The Hierophant- Depth, Devotion, Security, Balance

VI The Lovers- Bound, Destiny, Eternal, Attraction

VII The Chariot- Entrance, Waiting, Guarded, Hope

VIII Strength- Tenacious, Resolute, Intense, Gentle

IX The Hermit- Faith, Enlightenment, Fulfillment, Peace

X Wheel of Fortune- Movement, Eternal, Stable, Unbroken

XI Justice- Deliverance, Nurturing, Support, Relief

XII The Hanged Man- Ease, Achievement, Harmony, Joy

XIII Death- Discipline, Expanse, Influence, Threshold

XIV Temperance- Testing, Replenishment, Taming, Control

XV The Devil- Contest, Conformity, Limits, Protection

XVI The Tower- Freedom, Cleansing, Release, Blessing

XVII The Star- Fertility, Protection, Transformation, Rebirth

XVIII The Moon- Reconnect, Distraction, Purpose, Reminder

XIX The Sun- Growth, Fellowship, Connection, Release

XX Judgment- Obedience, Destiny, Structure, Supplication

XXI The World- Sealed, Secure, Contemplate, Foresight

Minor Arcana


Ace of swords- Victory, Complete, Majesty, Truth

Two of swords- Balance, Dawn, Form, Resistences

Three of swords- Triumph, Capture, Clarity, Permanence

Four of swords- Challenge, Acceptance, Sacrifice, Deliberate

Five of swords- Choice, Acceptance, Stillness, Diminished

Six of swords- Support, Guide, Truce, Balance

Seven of swords- Dismantle, Escape, Unbind, Illuninate

Eight of swords- Rigid, Support, Defense, Waiting

Nine of swords- Sightless, Contrast, Untrained, Concealed

Ten of swords- Betrayal, Restrained, Finality, Clearing

Page of swords- Constancy, Faithfulness, Belief, Confidence

Knight of swords- Beset, Peril, Threshold, Effort

Queen of swords- Perceptivity, Precision, Foresight, Honor

King of swords- Peace, Nature, Order, Wisdom


Ace of pentacles- Blessings, Abundance, Revelation, Straightforward

Two of pentacles- Balance, Focus, Ability, Composure

Three of pentacles- Assistance, Bound, Unrealized, Solvent

Four of pentacles- Liquidation, Incomprehension, Delusion, Detachments

Five of pentacles- Capacity, Endowed, Worthy, Reflection

Six of pentacles- Channel, Rescue, Deliverance, Benediction

Seven of pentacles- Potential, Centered, Concentrated, Unconscious

Eight of pentacles- Dedication, Security, Application, Experience

Nine of pentacles- All-seeing, Opulance, Fruitful, Leisure

Ten of pentacles- Stimulation, Thriving, Affection, Protection

Page of pentacles- Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Purity, Evergreen Knight of pentacles- Loyalty, Sufficiency, Steadiness, Protectiony

Queen of pentacles- Preservation, Diversity, Harmony, Shelter

King of pentacles- Growth, Intricacy, Control, Mastery


Ace of cups- Joy, Peace, Manna, Innocence

Two of cups- Promise, Alliance, Health, Strength

Three of cups- Fertility, Development, Purity, Unity

Four of cups- Offering, Solace, Opportunityn, Guidance

Five of cups- Aftermath, Rebuild, Support, Regret

Six of cups- Love, Excitement, Complement, Vitality

Seven of cups- Decision, Caution, Allure, Wisdom

Eight of cups- Tranquillity, Connection, Forward, Sustain

Nine of cups- Accomplishment, Gratification, Pride, Conversion

Ten of cups- Victory, Parting, Eternal, Rapture

Page of cups- Source, Ease, Preparation, Readiness

Knight of cups- Care, Grace, Mission, Deliberation

Queen of cups- Complexity, Sanctify, Consume, Receive

King of cups- Devious, Wisdom, Hidden, Pairing


Ace of wands- Vibration, Shock, Resistance, Revolutionary

Two of wands- Preparation, Order, Structure, Advancement

Three of wands- Consolidation, Inevitable, Winning, Prolonged

Four of wands- Oasis, Insulated, Sanctuary, Priviledge

Five of wands- Strife, Confusion, Factions, Flux

Six of wands- Bravado, Conceal, Bedazzle, Display

Seven of wands- Effort, Strain, Heroic, Courageous

Eight of wands- Outgoing, Precise , Foreknowledge, Successful

Nine of wands- Timid, Unsure, Wounded, Paranoia

Ten of wands- Ancient, Remembrance, Brittle, Skill

Page of wands- Foreordained, Passage, Coeremonial, Tradition

Knight of wands- Fury, Sacrilege, Justice, Determination

Queen of wands- Constrained, Promise, Illusion, Mirage

King of wands- Slide, Artifice, Deceived, Danger

This list of tarot card meanings applies to the Rider Waite deck only. Definitions may be slightly different for other decks.

Psychic Tarot Online Reading

A psychic tarot online reading can be as effective as a face-to-face meeting. Insights given by a psychic have more to do with the state of the psychic's own conditioning than with the object of the reading, anyway. If you get a person who is aware of their own abilities and comfortable with letting these flow, you can gain valuable insights.

Using tarot cards is especially likely to make a psychic online reading successful. The cards provide a familiar structure for the psychic to relax into. So, try to search for an online psychic that uses tarot.

Also, don't just try one psychic; use several. During the readings, don't try to write down everything that is said, just listen calmly. When the reading is finished, write two or three things that you remember from it. Repeat this with the different psychics, and then compare your notes.  What reverberates with you? Are there any points in common? Use this as your starting point for evaluating the different psychic services.

A starting place for sorting through quality psychics is my best psychic list. Contact info , specialties and rates are given for each of the five top psychics (by ability) in each state.

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Tarot Card Meanings

How to Use This List

Tarot card meanings depend on the individual and the particular situation.  Each word will lead you to more insights. 

1. Glance at the card you have chosen.

2. Find the meaning of the card in the list.

3. Which one word leaps out at you?

4. Keeping that word in mind, look at the card for a minute (no more).

5. Put the card away and start writing or typing anything that jumps to mind.

6. Add your interpretation to a file or document, labeled with the name of the card.

You will come back to cards that you have looked at before, over the course of time.  Your interpretation each time will change.

Do not erase any previous interpretation.  Simply add to it.

Remember each one is valid and has worth.