Rider Waite Tarot Deck for Power

The Rider Waite tarot deck stimulates your psychic vision and lights up your most rewarding path.

The Rider Waite tarot deck (particularly the Radiant version) is the best one for people looking to develop their own psychic powers.  These are some of the reasons it is better than any other deck for this purpose:

rider waite tarot deck strength card
  • Perfect symbolism: complex ideas are compressed and expressed in a way that your subconscious mind can understand and absorb- even if your conscious mind can't!
  • Vivid colors: clear contrasts are established that will imbue you with a sense of definite purpose- colors are chosen to inspire feelings of optimism, cheerfulness and positivity.
  • No boundaries: scenes give a sense of endless possibilities- even the indoor ones convey feelings of infinity, so that each card can lead to new discoveries under any circumstance.

The history of this deck is completely unimportant  for our purposes, except to say that because the cards have been used for so long, by so many people, they have acquired a certain magical potency- regardless of their origins. 

Rider-Waite did follow some ancient traditions.  There are hidden symbols in each card that every viewer will notice on some level.

Tradition has its advantages!

Buy Tarot Cards?

On the other hand, I am going against tradition by telling you to buy a deck of tarot cards.  Many tarot experts believe that only packs that are given or "found" have value.  They say that the "best" tarot decks seek out the people that should use them. 

And this is true.  But only for people who are not actively seeking higher learning or psychic development.  If someone does not realize what it is they need, well, a tarot deck could fall into their life and supply that need.  If, however, you are actively pursuing this learning, then buying a tarot deck for yourself is a positive step in this direction. It adds momentum to your quest.

The easiest way to be sure you can get a deck is to buy one through an internet seller.  Amazon is usually the cheapest and most reliable source. You can buy this deck most easily online.  

You won't be sorry. The radiant Rider Waite tarot deck, is like an art collection of  mini Van Goghs (the color is that amazing). And just possessing it will stimulate your psychic sense.

What Next?

Bookmark this page, so you can return after you get your cards.  (Press "control" and "d")

Well, after you open the box, the first thing you should do is throw away the tarot card reading instructions.  Seriously.  They are worse than useless and might actually make it harder for you to develop your psychic powers.  The first objective we have with the Tarot is to stimulate your psychic awareness, not to jump into fortune-telling, and when you do use them for fortunetelling, you will understand that their meanings are fluid and completely dependent on you. 

The Rider Waite tarot deck uses the names:  pentacles, swords, cups and wands for their suits.  You may have heard or read of different names for these suits.  For instance, wands are also named rods, batons, staffs or staves in other decks.  The point is that these words are unimportant- the meanings of the cards lie in the pictures only, and in the thoughts and feelings they inspire in you.

A wand looks like a wand, no matter what the writing on the cards say.

Tarot Cards: Images

If you think back to when you were a child (before you could read) and your parent was reading you a story, you would be staring at the illustrations with your parent's voice a comfortable background noise.  Your eyes would roam around the page, always coming back to a detail that fascinated you.  Maybe it was a cottage window, or an exotic flower.  Or a lightning bolt, or a dragon's wing.  Whatever it was, it felt completely real and you were totally immersed in the feelings it evoked.  You were not thinking, talking or even really consciously listening.

When you look at these tarot cards, you will recapture that feeling.  After a few days you will notice these feelings as something new (like a discovery) but still familiar in a way.

When you get the cards, find a quiet place where you can be alone, and just go through them, looking at them, scanning them casually.  Don't study them or try to focus on them, just glance at them.

There are plenty of obvious symbols in the Rider Waite tarot deck, but there are also subtle ones, details that will catch your eye, even before your brain realizes what they mean to you. 

Temperance card detail, foot dipped in water

For example, the Temperance card from the major arcana of the deck, is a very vivid card showing a being with bright red wings and a brilliant sun with a gold crown in the center, but what drew my eye was the angel-like being's foot dipped in the pool of water. 

These images may make you feel slightly unsettled at first, as if you had butterflies in your stomach.  This is normal; it shows you are sensitive to the illustrations.  Learn to recognize these feelings; they are fleeting, but if you can notice them, you will see that they are different from your other reactions to things in your daily life.  Fairly soon, these feelings will be replaced by eagerness and excitement as you recognize that changes are taking place, and you realize the potential of discoveries to come.

Repeat this "glancing technique" over a few days, using only the major arcana cards (the ones with roman numerals).  After you feel confident that you can recognize and differentiate your reactions to the Tarot from your reactions to other visual stimuli, return for higher-level instruction, such as the magician card exercise and the empress card exercise.

The Rider Waite tarot deck is highly recommended for all tarot visualization exercises. 

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