Spiritual Guidance Tarot Cards

Read your spiritual guidance tarot cards carefully.

Spiritual guidance tarot cards do not necessarily show up in response to a question about spirituality.

As a matter of fact, asking any kind of question for a tarot reading is limiting and unnecessary. If you know the question, you have access to the answer. Same thing with a problem; the solution is always within your reach as well. 

If you do ask for spiritual guidance, the chances are that what you get back will be gobbledygook...random cards that you or your reader will desperately try to make sense of. The beauty of tarot is that you shouldn't have to work at it. Any effort is counter-productive. The meaning of the cards should leap out at you, even if you're not an expert.

How does tarot give spiritual guidance?

If you know you need it, then you don't have to ask for it. It's the times when you don't realize that your problems have a spiritual basis, that you need the nudge

A spiritual guidance tarot reading is one where a specific card (or cards if you do a multi-card layout) shows up. The card must be one that is known for its spiritual emphasis.

If you or your tarot reader really understand the meaning of the cards, beyond the superficial (and often just plain wrong) narratives that are given in guides, the spiritual nudge will be easy to see.

Approach the reading with a blank mind, ready to receive whatever insights you can, and if any known spiritual guidance cards show up, think about how they apply to your situation.

What are the known spiritual guidance tarot cards?

There are nine of them:

two of pentacles spiritual guidanceTwo of Pentacles
page of cups spiritual guidancePage of Cups
queen of cups spiritual guidanceQueen of Cups
five of cups spiritual guidanceFive of Cups
knight of pentacles spiritual guidanceKnight of Pentacles
king of cups spiritual guidanceKing of Cups
six of swords spiritual guidanceSix of Swords
knight of cups spiritual guidanceKnight of Cups
temperance spiritual guidanceTemperance

These are not the only tarot cards with a spiritual element, but it is their primary focus. Other tarot cards have a lesser spiritual component to them.

Not surprisingly, many of these tarot cards belong to the suit of cups, which is less concerned with the physical world. However, the physical world does at times intersect with the spiritual one, and so pentacles and swords are also represented. (Staves or wands deal mostly with pure thought.)

Temperance, of the major arcana, is the strongest of the spiritual guidance tarot cards. If you truly understand the symbolism involved, you will understand why.

So, can you see the commonality in these cards and know how they indicate a spiritual guidance tarot message?

What message are these cards giving you?

It will be different for every individual. The real message is personalized and you are the best one to interpret it. A psychic can give you a generalized interpretation, but you have to apply it to your own situation with some specificity.

For instance, take the six of swords. A general reading of this card regarding spiritual guidance would be, that questions of a spiritual nature were dominant in your past, but that you have since moved on. However, even though you believe that these things have been resolved, you must look deeper and recognize that they are still with you, dormant now, but they may be reactivated in the future.

A psychic may go further (depending on whether she is getting useful impressions of you) and say that you need to make peace with these past issues in order to have a better future, or that you need to stop living in the past and make a clean break with it, or, etc...

When a reading contains one of these cards, remember that the proximity of the spiritual element is the key to an interpretation.

When are you likely to receive spiritual guidance tarot cards?

People have the greatest need for spiritual guidance when something in their experience contradicts their long-held beliefs. 

A belief is just an idea that is expressed over and over. It is a habit. It may be something that many people believe, so that it has the weight of a crowd-sourced truth (which is to say, no real weight at all).

The problem is, that beliefs do not teach. Experience does.

If you experience something with one or all of your physical senses that directly goes against something you believe to be true, your emotional senses will become disturbed. And that is when you will need spiritual help. Because your emotions are your true guide to your psychic awareness. Seeking a psychic response can help resolve a spiritual dilemna.

How to seek spiritual guidance with tarot cards

If you are troubled about a spiritual matter, there are no special preparations you need to make, or tarot spreads you need to learn. The universe knows your thoughts and feelings and it will deliver the guidance you need, in the ordinary course of your daily tarot work.

You also need not fear that it will be an unpleasant revelation leading to feelings of guilt or remorse. A spiritul guidance tarot message always uplifts and never scolds. (This is one of the main drawbacks of having someone else interpret the cards for you. It's hard not to use words like, "should" or "try", but when you are forced to convey feelings through spoken language, the 'right' words do not always exist.)

The point is, if you are troubled spiritually, you only have to leave yourself open to receiving answers, and not to blocking the guidance that is always coming to you from tarot. Nothing can make you listen, but nothing can stop the flow of good advice either. 

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